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Understanding and mitigating the impact explosions outside conventional warfare: a UN First Committee side-event by AOAV

This side-event presented comprehensive data on global explosions, dissect the harm caused by Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), evaluate UN’s counter-IED efforts, and highlight recent research into civilian blast injuries in urban settings.

Watch the event here:

Ambassador Camille Petite, the Permanent Representative of France to the Conference on Disarmament, kindly opened the events with welcoming remarks, highlighting France’s commitment to addressing the issue of IEDs globally. 

Dr lain Overton and Jennifer Dathan, from Action on Armed Violence, then drew upon more than a decade of monitoring the harm from improvised explosive devices and further research to highlight the patterns of harm that have been recorded in this time and the implications for civilians and security.

Professor Ismene Gizelis, from the University of Essex, shared the findings of her research into the gendered implications of mass casualty IED events. And Dr Jack Denny, from the University of Southampton, presented the findings from his research into the blast physics, spatial and contextual factors that influence civilian blast injuries in urban settings and highlight recommendations for protection. The event will address the importance of aligning academic research with real-life outcomes to ensure meaningful and impactful policy change.

AOAV thanks the French Government for their kind assistance and support in hosting this side event.