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BAE Systems Annex B: definite military relationships to BAE Systems (2013-2023)

What is this report? BAE Systems, benefiting from global conflicts and threats of war, has seen recent unprecedented profit growth, highlighting the lucrative nature of the arms trade amidst global instability. This 2024 report – “How BAE Systems helped arm half the world” – from Action on Armed Violence investigates BAE Systems’ secretive client list spanning the previous decade, and scrutinises the ethical implications of arming countries with dubious human rights records and unstable political regimes.

Type of relationships: subsidiary (S), joint venture (JV), sub-contractor (SC), second hand (SH)

CountrySources, 2013-2023TransactionsType
AfghanistanThe Defense PostU.S. Department of Defence$2.7 billion APKWS laser-guided rocket production contract between BAE Systems plc subsidiary BAE Systems, Inc. and several states, including Afghanistan, 2019.S
AlgeriaCampaign Against Arms TradeBBCInternational Security JournalCAAT-recorded several BAE subsidiaries granted UK export licenses to Algeria, 2008 and 2010. BAE sale of surveillance technology to various Arab states including Algeria through its Danish subsidiary, ETI, between 2011 and 2016. Reported presence of BAE Systems in Algeria’s defence market following new research, 2023.S
AustraliaBAE Systems AustraliaBAE SystemsBBCBAE Systems has a subsidiary in Australia – BAE Systems Australia. Australia features among BAE’s top clients in 2022, making up 4% of the company’s sales and generating £854 million in sales that year. £3.95bn submarine contract signed between BAE Systems and the US, UK and Australia, 2023.S
AustriaReutersBAE SystemsVarious investigations over the past decades regarding the sale of Eurofighter Typhoon aircrafts by Airbus to Austria in 2003, investigations involved BAE as a partner and manufacturer in the Eurofighter Typhoon project. BAE Systems subsidary awarded a contract to produce 32 BvS10 military vehicles for Austria, 2016, with deliveries beginning in 2017 and concluding in 2019.S, JV
BahrainPAX – ControversialDeclassified UKBahrain News AgencyBahrain News AgencyOrder of 56 WGU-59 APKWS from BAE Systems subsidary to Bahrain, 2018. BAE-manufactured Royal Navy patrol vessel, HMS Clyde, returned to BAE Systems in 2020 and sold second-hand to the Bahraini navy, 2020.S
BelgiumAirforce TechnologyBAE SystemsCampaign Against Arms TradeBAE Systems signed agreements for Belgium National Innovation Centres for the Eurofighter Typhoon multi-role fighter, 2018. BAE selected to supply 12 Bofors 40 Mk4 naval guns to the Belgian and Dutch navies in joint procurement, 2021. 6 CAAT-recorded BAE systems subsidiary UK export licences to Belgium in 2014 and 2015.S
BotswanaHall & WattsHall & Watts agreed to a Teaming Agreement with BAE Systems for support of the 105mm Light Gun in Botswana and Kenya, for which BAE Systems is the original manufacturer, 2014.SC
BrazilDefensaMBDABAE SystemsUK Defence JournalBAE Systems Inc, BAE’s American subsidiary, modernises its M-109 howitzers for the Brazilian Army, a project started in 2011, along with the update of the M-113, involving a contract for $54 million, 2016. MBDA’s, a joint venture including BAE Systems, Sea Ceptor air defence missile system ordered for Brazilian Navy, 2021. BAE Systems sold three Ocean Patrol Vessels and associated crew training to the Brazilian Navy in a contract worth £133 million in 2012.S, JV
BruneiBAE SystemsRoyal Brunei Air Force signs an aviation training contract with BAE Systems, 2014. BAE Systems started training Brunei pilots in 2009.S
BurundiBonn International Center for ConversionReported operational use of MBDA MILAN weapon system in Burundi, 2013.JV
CameroonBonn International Center for ConversionReported operational use of MBDA MILAN weapon system in Cameroon.JV
CanadaBAE SystemsCampaign Against Arms TradeCanada features among BAE’s top clients in 2022, generating £125 million in sales that year for BAE Systems. 8 CAAT-recorded BAE subsidiary export licences for Canada in 2013, 2014, 2015.S
ChileMBDAMBDAMBDA contract for the procurement of Sea Ceptor by Chile, 2017.JV
ColombiaSIPRI Trade RegistersDialogo AmericasVice MediaSale of 18 L-188 105mm towed guns, manufactured by BAE Systems subsidiary, from the UK to Colombia – ordered 2017, delivered 2017-2018. Colombian Armed Forces to receive a Silver Fox unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), manufactured by BAE Systems, 2013. Reported travel of British Foreign Minister to Colombia to “act as an arms dealer” for BAE Systems for the sale of Ocean Patrol Vessels to the Colombian Army, 2015.S
CroatiaArmy TechnologyDefense DailyGovernment of CroatiaCroatian government agrees on a $196.4m deal to acquire 89 Bradley fighting vehicles from the BAE Systems U.S. subsidiary BAE Systems Land & Armaments, 2022.S
CyprusLa TribuneFrench Ministry of DefenceMBDA signs two contracts with Cyprus in 2020, one for MBDA Mistral missiles valued at €150 million, one for its Exocet missiles for €90 million. France starts a joint acquisition of MBDA Mistral missiles with Belgium, Cyprus, Estonia and Hungary.JV
Czech RepublicThe TimesCampaign Against Arms TradeBAE Systems wins $2bn Czech contract for 246 CV90 MkIV infantry fighting vehicles, 2023. 2 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licences to the Czech Republic, 2014 and 2015.S
DenmarkBAE SystemsThe GuardianBAE Systems Swedish subsidiary BAE Systems Hägglunds signs an agreement with the Danish government to provide support and refurbishment for its fleet of 44 CV90 Infantry Fighting Vehicles, and BV206 all-terrain vehicles, 2016. Use of Danish subsidiary, now known as BAE Systems Applied Intelligence, to sell mass surveillance technology to repressive regimes, 2017.S
EstoniaBAE SystemsBAE Systems and Milrem LCM, Estonian provider of combat vehicle life-cycle management, sign a contract for support of Estonia’s CV9035 Infantry Fighting Vehicles (IFVs), 2018.JV
FinlandNaval TechnologyCampaign Against Arms TradeFinland to buy BAE Systems’ 57mm munitions for Pohjanmaa-class ships in a $13.12m deal, 2022. 4 CAAT-recorded UK BAE export licences to Finland in 2014 and 2015.S
FranceUS Federal RegisterAirforce TechnologyCampaign Against Arms Trade83 CAAT-recorded BAE or MBDA Uk export licenses for military goods to France between 2013 and 2021. US approves sale of MQ-9 communications sensor suite to France, in a deal estimated at $88 million, 2022.S
GermanyBAE SystemsBAE SystemsBAE SystemsBAE Systems selected to provide Germany with three 57mm naval guns for its new coastal patrol vessels, 2019. Sweden, Germany, and the UK jointly acquire 436 BAE Systems BvS10 all-terrain vehicles in a joint procurement worth $760 million, 2022. Germany buys 227 BAE Systems BvS10s through framework agreement in contract worth $400 million, 2023.S
GreeceADS AdvanceMBDAMBDA signs a contract to conduct mid-life refurbishment of Hellenic Air Force’s SCALP missiles, 2023. MBDA announces boost in cooperation with the Greek Defence industry, 2023.JV
HungaryFight GlobalSAABMBDALa CroixReported talks of Gripen lease extensions between Saab and Hungary, 2023 (BAE Systems involved in Gripen production). MBDA sale of Mistral missiles to Hungary, 2023.JV
IcelandBAE SystemsCampaign Against Arms TradeBAE-manufactured Mk4 Naval Guns in operation in Iceland.S
IndiaBAE SystemsBAE SystemsBAE SystemsBAE-manufactured Mk4 Naval Guns in operation in Iceland.JV
IndonesiaAsian Defence JournalBAE SystemsBAE Systems 57mm gun systems selected for Indonesia Navy’s fast attack craft, 2019. BAE Systems signs agreement for Indonesian Air Force’s Hawk Support Services, 2022.S
IraqPax – Controversial Arms TradeThe Defense PostU.S. Department of DefencePAX records sale of approx 2,000 BAE-manufactured WGU-59 APKWS to Iraq, ordered 2015, delivered 2016-18. BAE Systems awarded $2.7 billion APKWS laser-guided rocket production contract to various countries incl. Iraq, 2019.S
IrelandCampaign Against Arms TradeDefence WebMBDA2 CAAT-reported BAE UK export licenses to Ireland, 2011 and 2015. MBDA Insurance DAC is domiciled in Dublin, Ireland. BAE Systems reportedly won a R200 million order from the Irish Department of Defence for 27 RG32.S
IsraelCampaign Against Arms TradeIsrael Defence ForcesThe IndependentProactive Investors5 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licenses to Israel between 2016 and 2020. Israeli Air Force acquires and reports on the use of its new F-35 fighter jet, 2016. Reported links between Israeli F-35 jets and Gaza bombing, 2021. BAE Systems shares rise on Israel’s multibillion-dollar F-35 order, 2023.JV
ItalyBAE SystemsL’OpinionBAE Systems signs an agreement with Italian Goriziane Group SpA for support of BAE’s BvS10, 2017. France and Italy order 700 MBDA Aster-30 missiles in joint procurement worth €2bn, with aim to provide some for Ukraine, 2023.JV
Ivory CoastMBDAReported MBDA military campaign in the Ivory Coast in 2012.JV
JapanBusiness WireBAE SystemsBAE Systems awarded a contract to produce new Assault Amphibious Vehicles (AAVs) for the Japanese Ministry of Defence, 2016. UK, Japan and Italy collaborate over the development of a next generation combat aircraft for the Global Combat Air Programme (GCAP), 2023.S, JV
JordanBAE SystemsNaval TechnologyUS Navy and BAE Systems delivered 110 advanced precision kill weapons system (APKWS) units to Jordan, 2015.S
KenyaHall & WattsBAE SystemsHall & Watts agreed to a Teaming Agreement with BAE Systems for support of the 105mm Light Gun in Botswana and Kenya, for which BAE Systems are the original manufacturer, 2014. BAE Systems conducts a Power Operational Concept Demonstration (PowerOCD) at the British Army Training Unit in Kenya under a £1.5m contract from the DE&S Technology Delivery Team.S, JV, SC
KuwaitItalian Defence TechnologiesBAE SystemsSIPRI Trade RegistersCampaign Against Arms TradeKuwait confirms order for 28 Tranche 3 Eurofighter Typhoons, partly manufactured by BAE Systems, 2016 – delivered 2021-22 according to SIPRI. 7 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licences to Kuwait between 2013 and 2015.JV
LatviaLSMLSMBAE-manufactured armoured vehicles (Combat Vehicle Reconnaissance Tracked, CVRT) arrived in Latvia, 2015, following the purchase by Latvian government of 123 CVRTs for €48.1 million euros from BAE Systems in August 2014.S
LebanonUS Embassy BeirutArmy TechnologyPAX – Controversial Arms TradePAX records 3 sales of military goods by BAE Systems and MBDA to Lebanon, delivered between 2015 and 2019 and including the following weapons: MBDA MILAN missiles; BAE WGU-59 APKWS; and BAE M-88A2 Hercules. U.S Embassy Beirut confirms delivery of APKWS, 2019.S, JV
LithuaniaCampaign Against Armed TradeArmy Recognition2 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licences for ammunition to Lithuania approved in 2014. Lithuania provides Ukraine with 36 L70 Bofors Anti-aircraft guns, this weapon was developed by AB Bofors which is now BAE Systems Bofors, 2023.S
LuxembourgFrench Ministry of DefenceCampaign Against Arms TradeEuropean UnionCAAT-reported BAE UK export licenses to Luxembourg, 2010 and 2015. MBDA sale of MMP missile systems to Luxembourg for EUR 31.5 million, 2023.JV
MalaysiaBAE SystemsPulse NewsCampaign Against Arms TradeEnterprise IT News28 CAAT-recorded BAE or MBDA UK export licences for military goods to Malaysia recorded between 2013 and 2015. BAE Systems refers to itself as “the largest international supplier to the Malaysian Armed Forces”, providing them with Hawk Light Combat Attack and Training Aircraft, 2019. BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, which has a Malaysian office, and Cybersecurity Malaysia sign MoU to extend partnership, 2016.S
MaliBAE SystemsSwedish Defence Research AgencyBAE Systems provides in-service support to Swedish RG32s in Mali, starting in 2016.S
MaltaCampaign Against Arms TradeInternational Consortium of Investigative JournalistsBAE Systems has a subsidiary in Malta, BAE Systems Malta Holdings Limited. 4 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licences for military goods to Malta between 2013 and 2015.S
MexicoBusiness WireBAE SystemsBAE Systems signed a contract to deliver four 57 Mk3 Naval Guns to the Mexican Navy, 2014.S
MoroccoSIPRI Trade RegisterThe GuardianThe Department of DefenceSIPRI records a sale of an estimated 200 MBDA-produced MICA air-to-air missiles from France to Morocco in 2020, delivered 2022. Alleged sale of mass surveillance technology to Morocco by BAE Systems, 2017.S, JV
NetherlandsU.S. Department of DefenseDefense PostShephard MediaU.S. Department of Defence$2.7 billion APKWS laser-guided rocket production contract between BAE Systems and several states, including the Netherlands, 2019.S
New ZealandBAE SystemsAsean Technology & Security MagazineNew Zealand Department of Internal Affairs selects BAE Systems Detica for ICT security panel, 2013. BAE Systems Applied Intelligence launches cloud-based cyber security in NZ, 2015.S
NigeriaPAX – Controversial Arms TradeThe Defense PostUS Federal RegisterBAE SystemsU.S. Department of DefenseBAE Systems sale of approx. 400 WGU-59 APKWS to Nigeria in 2019, contract reportedly worth $225 million. Two wholly-owned BAE subsidiaries present in Nigeria as of 2022, as reported by BAE Systems – Creole (Nigeria) Limited, and Stewart & Stevenson Operations (Nigeria) Limited.S
NorwayCampaign Against Arms TradeBAE SystemsBAE Systems worked with Ritek to deliver CV90 Combat Support Vehicles to Norway, 2022. 7 CAAT-recorded UK BAE export licenses applied for by BAE Systems for military goods between 2013 and 2015.JV
OmanBAE SystemsEurofighter Typhoon (manufactured by a joint venture including BAE Systems) and Hawk (manufactured by BAE Systems) jets delivered to the Royal Air Force of Oman, 2017. Three wholly-owned BAE subsidiaries present in Oman as of 2022, as reported by BAE Systems – BAE Systems (Oman) Limited, BAE Systems Communications Solutions LLC, and BAE Systems Oman LLC.S, JV
PeruArmada InternationalNaval TechnologySIPRI Trade RegisterMBDAReported use of BAE manufactured Mk4 40mm gun systems on Peruvian Navy’s new vessel, BAP Pisco, built 2013-2017. SIPRI-recorded sale of 16 MBDA MM-40-3 Exocet missiles delivered to Peru in 2014-2015. MBDA reported the use of a range of their missiles by the Peruvian navy in a training exercise, 2021.S, JV
PhilippinesThe Defense PostU.S. Department of – Controversial Arms Trade$2.7 billion APKWS laser-guided rocket production contract between BAE Systems and several states, including the Philippines, 2019. Sale of around 40 MBDA Mistral missiles to the Philippines, recorded by PAX and the Philippines News Agency, 2019.S, JV
PolandMBDAMBDA is contracted by the Polish Armament Agency to supply CAMM missiles and iLaunchers for Poland’s PILICA+ air defence upgrade programme, in a contract valued at £1.9 billion, 2023.JV
PortugalSALWCampaign Against Arms TradeSIPRI Trade RegistersReported operational use of MBDA MILAN weapons in Portugal. CAAT-recorded BAE UK export license to Portugal, 2015. SIPRI-recorded sale of 44 MBDA-manufactured MILAN missiles to Portugal, delivered in 2020.JV
QatarBAE SystemsThe IndependentThe GuardianBAE SystemsQatar agrees to BAE Systems contract for Typhoon aircraft, including support and training package, valued at approx. £5bn. BAE Systems reportedly sold surveillance technology to various MENA regimes, including Qatar, 2017. BAE Systems to provide comprehensive support to newly formed UK-Qatar Joint Hawk Training Squadron at RAF Leeming, 2021.S
RomaniaMBDABalkan InsightProactive InvestorsDefence NewsMBDA signed a MoU with Romanian state-owned defence group Romarm for collaboration over arms development, 2017. Reported interest by Romania in purchasing F-35 fighter jets (developed as a collaboration between Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman and BAE Systems), 2023. Reported interest by Romania in joining MBDA Mistral procurement programme, 2023.JV
Saudi ArabiaPAX – Controversial Arms TradeCampaign Against Arms TradePAX records 11 sales by BAE Systems and MBDA to Saudi Arabia between 2007 and 2016, most of them ordered post-2013, and all of them delivered post-2013 – the sales include the following military equipment: MPCV mobile AD system; Mistral portable SAM; MICA BVRAAM; VL-MICA SAM system; Hawk-100 trainer/combat ac; Typhoon Block-20 FGA aircraft; Typhoon Block-8 FGA aircraft; Brimstone ASM; Storm Shadow/SCALP ASM; Meteor BVRAAM; M-88A2 ARV. CAAT estimates that BAE has received £22.4 billion in revenues from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Ministry of Defence and Aviation between 2015-2022.S, JV
SenegalMBDAMBDALe FigaroAfrica IntelligenceMBDA sale of missiles (incl. Mistral) to Senegal to equip three offshore of its patrol vessels, 2019. Additional reported talks of partnership between MBDA and Senegal for aerial defence missiles, 2020.JV
SingaporeBAE SystemsBAE SystemsRepublic of Singapore extends Air Grading contract with BAE Systems, 2015. NTU Singapore and BAE Systems to jointly develop next-gen cybersecurity solutions in a S$2.5 million partnership, 2016.S
SlovakiaBAE SystemsSlovakia signs a $1.37 billion deal for 152 CV90s from BAE Systems, 2022.S
SomaliaUnited Nations Security CouncilSIPRI Trade RegistersBetween 25 and 50 AT-105 second-hand Saxons (manufactured by BAE Land Systems) were given to Somalia via Djibouti.S, SH
South AfricaCampaign Against Arms TradeDefence WebBAE Systems17 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licences for military goods to South Africa between 2013 and 2015. BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa was a subsidiary of BAE Systems until 2015.S
South KoreaBAE SystemsCampaign Against Arms TradeBAE Systems secures major £7.4 million mine neutraliser contract with Korea Aerospace Industries and Republic of Korea Navy, 2023. 18 CAAT-recorded BAE and MBDA UK export licences for military goods to South Korea between 2013 and 2015.S
SpainBAE SystemsEuropean Center for Constitutional and Human Rights (ECCHR)Spain orders 20 new Eurofighter Typhoons (partly manufactured by BAE Systems), 2022. Alleged potential connection between these aircrafts and Saudi war crimes in Yemen.JV
SwedenBusiness WireBAE SystemsBAE SystemsSweden buys 102 BvS10 All-terrain Vehicles from BAE Systems in a $120 million contract, 2013. BAE Systems receives $32 million in orders for its advanced 3P ammunition from Sweden and Finland, 2022. Sweden awards BAE Systems $500 million contract for additional 48 ARCHER artillery systems, 2023.S
SwitzerlandBAE SystemsDefense PostBAE Systems awarded life-extension contract for Swiss CV90 combat vehicle, 2020. Switzerland shortlists BAE ARCHER Wheeler Howitzer, 2022.S
TaiwanTaiwan NewsFocus TaiwanCampaign Against Arms TradeInvestment WeekTaiwan signs a deal with missile manufacturer MBDA for its MICA and Magic missiles in a deal worth $127.95 million, 2024. 3 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licenses to Taiwan between 2013 and 2014. BAE Systems subsidiary added to a sanctions list by China after reportedly being part of a U.S. aid package to Taiwan, 2024.S
ThailandBAE SystemsBAE SystemsThailand is cited by BAE Systems as one of the countries operating its Mk45 naval gun, 2014. BAE contract for Royal Thai Navy Offshore Patrol Vessel, 2016.S
Trinidad and TobagoBAE SystemsThe Maritime ExecutiveNavy RecognitionBAE Systems sells 6 Pacific 24 boats to Trinidad and Tobago Coast Guard in approx. £2 million contract, 2020.S
TunisiaU.S. Department of DefenseDefense PostBBCBAE Systems allegedly sold surveillance technology to various Arab states including Tunisia, 2017. BAE awarded a $2.7 billion APKWS laser-guided rocket production contract to various states including Tunisia, 2019.S
TurkeyBAE SystemsMiddle East EyeCampaign Against Arms TradeBAE Systems signs the Head of Agreement for a future contract with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) for TF-X Programme, 2017. Turkey reportedly is exploring a massive UK arms deal involving planes, ships and tank engines, 2023. 16 CAAT-recorded BAE UK export licences for military goods to Turkey between 2013 and 2015.JV
TurkmenistanPAX – Controversial Arms TradeSIPRIEurasianetPAX records two MBDA sales to Turkmenistan in the past decade, (1) sale of approx. 28 Mistral missiles, ordered 2012, delivered 2013-2017; (2) sale of approx. 25 Marte-2 missiles, ordered 2014, delivered 2015-2017. SIPRI also lists the delivery of 28 Mistral missiles that were delivered in 2017.JV
UgandaBBC NewsThe GuardianSIPRI Trade RegistersBAE Systems former subsidiary Land Systems OMC reportedly supplied the Ugandan government with Mamba armoured personnel carriers, with some of them being used to quash demonstrations against the government in 2006. SIPRI trade registers show the US provided RG-33 to Uganda for peacekeepers in Somalia. The RG-33 were ordered in 2013 and delivered in 2015; they are an APC developed by BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa, a BAE subsidiary until April 2015.S
UkraineBAE SystemsShephard MediaBAE Systems established a local presence in Ukraine and signed agreements to support the country, including through the production of 105mm Light Guns, 2023. Ukraine receives further weapon support from NATO members and BAE Systems, 2023.S
United Arab EmiratesPAX – Controversial Arms TradeMBDABAE SystemsPAX records three MBDA and BAE sales to the UAE delivered after 2013, involving the following weapons: MBDA MM-40-3 Exocet, MBDA Marte-2; BAE SAK-70 Mk-2 7mm. EDGE and BAE Systems sign MoU to explore co-creation opportunities across the UAE’s defence industry, 2023. MBDA opened a Missile Engineering Centre in the UAE, 2023.S, JV
United KingdomBAE SystemsBAE SystemsArmy TechnologySweden, Germany, United Kingdom acquire 436 BAE Systems BvS10 all-terrain vehicles in $760 joint procurement, 2022. UK places order for £20m small arms ammunition from BAE Systems, 2023.S
United StatesBAE SystemsBAE SystemsAnnual Report 2022BAE Systems has a subsidiary in the US, BAE Systems, Inc. The United States was BAE Systems’ biggest client in 2022, representing 44% of the company’s sales, or £10,166m that year.S
UruguayAviacion LineBAE SystemsBAE Hawk 200 aircraft reportedly offered to the Uruguayan Air Force in 2023. Uruguay is listed by BAE Systems as a country using their 40 mm naval guns.S, SH
UzbekistanSIPRI Trade RegistersDefense WebSIPRI records the United States as giving an estimated 50 second hand RG-33 APCs to Uzbekistan, ordered 2014, delivered 2015. RG-33 APCs were manufactured by BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa until the subsidiary’s purchase by Denel in 2015.SH
VenezuelaBAE SystemsNaval PostCSIS Missile Defense ProjectCampaign Against Arms TradeOne wholly-owned BAE subsidiary present in Venezuela as of 2022, as reported by BAE Systems – Representaciones SSTS, CA. Reported use by Venezuela of MBDA Otomat missile for testing in 2020. CAAT cites an approved export license in 2015.S, JV
VietnamLa TribuneCampaign Against Arms TradeReported MBDA sale of two missiles – VL Mica and Exocet block 3 – to Vietnam to equip Gowind ships, 2013. CAAT-recorded BAE export licence to Vietnam, 2015.S, JV

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