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BAE Systems Annex C: reported military relationships to BAE Systems (2013-2023)

What is this report? BAE Systems, benefiting from global conflicts and threats of war, has seen recent unprecedented profit growth, highlighting the lucrative nature of the arms trade amidst global instability. This 2024 report – “How BAE Systems helped arm half the world” – from Action on Armed Violence investigates BAE Systems’ secretive client list spanning the previous decade, and scrutinises the ethical implications of arming countries with dubious human rights records and unstable political regimes.

Type of relationships: subsidiary (S), joint venture (JV), sub-contractor (SC), second hand (SH)

CountrySources, 2013-2023TransactionsType
AzerbaijanShephard MediaBreaking DefenseBAE SystemsBAE SystemsReported evidence that Azerbaijan signed a collaboration contract with Turkish Aerospace Industries (TAI) which includes Azerbaijan in the TAI’s TF-X fighter programme. BAE Systems has been a sub-contractor of the TF-X programme since 2017. BAE Systems was also reportedly present at the 2023 International Astronautical Congress (IAC 2023) taking place in Baku, Azerbaijan, in October 2023.JV
BangladeshAres Osservatorio DifesaQuwa Defence News & Analysis GroupBangladesh reportedly purchases Otomat Mk II missiles from MBDA for its navy, 2021.JV
BulgariaDefense NewsCampaign Against Arms TradeReported interest by Bulgaria for Gowind vessels, produced by France’s DCNS and armed with missiles made by MBDA, a company owned 37.5% by BAE Systems. Additionally, one approved BAE Systems UK export license to Bulgaria in 2015.JV
Burkina FasoGICATAfrica IntelligenceMBDA (owned 37.5% by BAE Systems) reportedly tried to sell its arms to the Sahel, a campaign specifically said to target Mauritania, Mali and Burkina Faso. Operation Barkhane, a French military campaign in the Sahel executed with the help of Sahelian armies including Burkina Faso, also reportedly procured a new MBDA weapon, the MMP.JV
DjiboutiDefence WebMDBAReported purchase of RG-33 which may have involved BAE Systems Land Systems South Africa. MBDA reportedly conducted an operational evaluation campaign for its MMP missile system in Djibouti in 2018.S, JV
EgyptFacing FinancePAX – Controversial Arms TradeDifferences sources record multiple MBDA and Eurofighter concluded sales to Egypt between 2015 and 2019, involving the following weapons: MM-40-3 Exocet, MICA, Storm Shadows/SCALP, ASTER-15 SAAM.JV
KazakhstanBAE SystemsGOV.UKThe GuardianBAE Systems holds 49% in state-owned Kazakh airline Air Astana. BAE Systems has a Kazakh subsidiary, BAE Systems (Kazakhstan) Ltd.S
LibyaCampaign Against Arms TradeApproved UK export license to Libya for BAE in 2013.JV
MonacoCampaign Against Arms TradeBAE SystemsApproved UK export licenses to Monaco applied for by BAE Systems in 2015.S
NigerInternational Institute for Strategic StudiesBAE Mamba Mk7 reportedly operated by Niger’s armed forces.S
ZambiaArmy RecognitionReported operational use of BAE-manufactured weapons. Two newspapers reported Zambia showcasing “new military equipment” in military parade, including an Israeli-made Musketeer armoured vehicle towing a Rapier air defence missile, which is manufactured by MBDA.JV
ZimbabweSunday MailKey AeroBAE SystemsZimbabwe listed on BAE Systems website on a map “showing countries in which Hawk is sold,” suggesting operational use of the weapon in Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe also reportedly recommissioned four BAE Hawk Mk60/60a in 2022.S

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