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Who is arming Israel? Annex 1: Arms Company Share Prices

AOAV’s report ‘Who is arming Israel?‘ is an in-depth analysis of the arms sold or provided to Israel by the UK, US, and other nations, focusing on the continuation and expansion of arms exports despite allegations of war crimes by the Israeli armed forces, highlighting the lack of transparency and the profits made in arms exports.

Annex 1: Arms Company Share Prices

CompanyAverage Share Price – 06/10/2023Average Share Price – 09/10/2023% Increase From 06/10/2023 to 09/10/2023Peak Share Price Since 06/10/2023Average Share Price – 27/03/2024% Increase From 06/10/2023 to 27/03/2024
BAE Systems plc£9.806£10.254.53%£13.69 – 26/03/2024£13.5438.08%
Lockheed Martin Corporation$400.73$436.538.93%$463.18 – 12/01/2024$456.7813.99%
Raytheon – RTX Corporation$69.77$72.994.62%$101.88 – 08/04/2024$97.4539.67%
Northrop Grumman Corporation$423.24$471.6111.43%$490.76 – 18/10/2024$477.3612.79%
General Dynamics Corporation$219.94$238.488.43%$295.18 – 05/04/2024$281.9028.17%
Rheinmetall AG€ 233.80€ 250.507.14%€560.80 – 08/04/2024€ 511.60118.82%


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