AOAV: all our reports

This is a list of all reports published by Action on Armed Violence

Militarism examined

This category looks into militaries and militarism, with a focus on Great Britain. From how the UK became one of the world’s leading arms exporters, to why we continue to export to nations with serious human rights concerns, to investigations into the UK’s armed forces, it seeks to challenge the contradictions and failures of British militarism, and the failure of other nations militaries, today.

Weapons explained

A brief summary of some of the major weapons types and their impact

Children and explosive violence

The impact of explosive violence on children is devastating and commonplace.  This section examines the short- and long-term effects of explosive weapon use on children around the world.

Environment and explosive violence

AOAV examines the reverberating environmental impacts from the use of explosive weapons.

Gender and explosive violence

We know that when explosive weapons are used in populated areas over 90% of those killed or injured will be civilians. What is less known is the impact on men and women from such violence. AOAV here examines explosive violence in its different forms, looking especially at its gendered impact on communities

Health and explosive violence

AOAV examines the reverberating impacts from the use of explosive weapons.

Explosive Violence Monthly Reports

Since 2011, AOAV has been recording the global harm wrought by explosive weapons on civilians. Through monitoring English language media reports, we demonstrate consistent patterns of harm arising from the use of explosive violence, in particular their effects on civilian populations. These reports are issued annually with monthly updates.