Who are we?

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has a central mission: to carry out research and advocacy in order to reduce the incidence and impact of global armed violence.

The need to do so is clearly a great one. The number of fatalities from armed violence is estimated to be over half a million people killed every year. And around two thirds of these violent deaths are estimated to occur outside conflict situations.

To help reduce this burden of pain and suffering, we at AOAV carry out research and advocacy campaigns to strengthen international laws and standards on the availability and use of conventional and improvised weapons, to build recognition of the rights of victims and survivors of armed violence, and to research, understand and act effectively on the root causes of armed violence in affected countries.

One of the central pillars of our work is our Global Explosive Violence Monitor, as well as the specific research we carry out on manufactured weapons, Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), and guns.

AOAV tries to lobby governments and non-state actors through rigorous research and data, to curb the excessive use of force. In so doing, we regularly present our evidence at the United Nations, as well as the UK Parliament, Chatham House and other influential fora.   Details of our members of networks, campaigns and working groups can be seen here.

We are always looking for volunteers to help us with our research projects, such as our monitoring of global gun massacres. If you would like to help in our research, please contact our Executive Director, Iain Overton, today.  If you would like to help support our work, you can donate here.

A major source of funding of our research work is from the Norwegian government. We have also in recent years receive funds from other governments, including France, the US and NATO-sponsor States.

Key Reports
AOAV’s key reports on explosive violence include:
Explosive Truths: Monitoring Explosive Violence in 2016 (pdf)
Patterns of Harm: Five years of AOAV explosive violence data (2011 – 2015) (pdf)
Unacceptable Harm – AOAV’s Explosive Violence Monitor 2015 (pdf)
Explosive States: Monitoring Explosive Violence in 2014 (pdf)
Explosive Events: Monitoring Explosive Violence in 2013 (pdf)
An Explosive Situation: Monitoring Explosive Violence in 2012 (pdf)
Monitoring Explosive Violence: The EVMP dataset 2011 (pdf)

Our key reports on manufactured weapons include:
The Refugee Explosion (pdf)
Wide-area impact report (pdf)
Under Fire: Israel’s artillery policies scrutinised (pdf)
Air Power in Afghanistan (pdf)
A Tale of Two Cities (pdf)

Our key reports on Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) include:
Addressing the threat posed by IEDs (pdf)
Understanding the rising cult of the suicide bomber
Understanding the regional and transnational IED networks
Tracking IED Harm (pdf)
Anatomy of a Suicide Bombing (pdf)
Material Harm (pdf)
Blood on the Streets of Boston (pdf)

Whilst our key reports on guns include:
The Devil’s Trade: Guns and Violence in El Salvador (pdf)
US Department of Defense spend on guns in ‘War on Terror’
15 Mass shootings that changed the law

For more on guns please see GunBabyGun.


Please contact us on 07984 645 145