Networks, campaigns & working groups

International Campaigns

AOAV works with the ICBL-CMC towards the shared goal to end for all time the suffering caused by landmines and cluster munitions and for the universalisation and implementation of the Mine Ban Treaty and of the Convention on Cluster Munitions.

AOAV is a campaigning member of the global civil society alliance which calls for a global, legally-binding Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) that will ease the suffering caused by irresponsible transfers of conventional weapons and munitions. AOAV supports the participation of survivors and advocates for the inclusion of references to the rights of the victims of armed violence in several parts of the draft treaty.

AOAV, in collaboration with Oxford Research Group and Article 36, has been developing the Every Casualty Campaign. The ECC calls on states to promptly record, correctly identify, and publicly acknowledge every casualty of armed violence. AOAV is also a member of the Every Casualty International Practitioner Network(IPN).

International Networks

AOAV is a founding member of INEW, a network of NGOs calling for immediate action to prevent human suffering from explosive weapons in populated areas. AOAV works to support the development of INEW’s strategy by promoting its work and by providing data on the impact of explosive weapons on civilians through the Explosive Weapons Monitoring Project (EVMP).

As a member of IANSA, AOAV coordinates action in the framework of the UN Programme of Action on Small Arms and Light Weapons (SALW). In particular, AOAV promotes the elaboration of national reports on armed violence and pushes for the inclusion of references to the victims’ rights and casualty recording in the relevant documents adopted during the Programme of Action conferences.

Working groups

  • National reporting on armed violence

AOAV is working with civil society organisations on the development of a strategy to support the national reporting of armed violence.

AOAV works in collaboration with: Small Arms SurveyDanish Demining Group,Handicap InternationalFomicres MozambiqueOxford Research GroupAsociación Para Políticas PublicaWomen’s Institute for Alternative Development(WINAD) andCampaña Colombiana contra Minas.

With SEHLAC, AOAV has produced a regional analysis on states’ capacities to address armed violence in Latin America and the Caribbean. AOAV is now working with SEHLAC to support the production of articles that address key issues related to armed violence reduction and prevention in Latin America and the Caribbean.

  • Nigeria Working Group on Armed Violence (NWGAV)

With NWGAV coordinated by Women Rights for Education Program (WREP), AOAV is developing a research project in 19 states of Nigeria that aims to assess the work of key stakeholders on armed violence reduction and prevention.