Roster of Experts

What is the AOAV Roster of Experts?

The Roster of Experts is AOAV’s web-based database of expert advisors in the fields of armed violence reduction and prevention, victim assistance, mine action, arms control, stockpile management, psychosocial counselling for victims, livelihoods, and gender-based violence, among others. The Roster includes some of the most influential individuals in the field of armed violence reduction and victim assistance, providing information on such individuals and details on their specific expertise.  It will allow AOAV and other interested organisations to engage with these experts for consultancies, short-term projects, and long-term assignments.

Why join the Roster?

As a member of the Roster, you will be among the first people AOAV looks to when contracting short and long term experts for a variety of professional opportunities, including: research, technical assistance, assessment missions and surveys, knowledge management projects, workshops, as well as full and part time staff positions.  Members of the Roster will have the option of being kept up to date on relevant project and employment opportunities with AOAV as well as receiving copies of the organisation’s latest reports and studies.  AOAV is also exploring the possibility of setting up a web-based community of practice and knowledge-sharing forum for its members.

Experts membership, as well as their background and contact details, can be listed either publicly or remain confidential, according to their preference.

Expert Criteria

All candidates being considered for inclusion on the Roster should meet the following criteria:

  • Have a relevant skills set, particular experience, substantive and/or functional competency in programming or research relating to armed violence monitoring, reporting, and/or prevention; mine action/clearance of explosive remnants of war (ERW); weapons management; security sector reform; or victim assistance;
  • Have a minimum of 5 years of professional experience with international development organisations, government, or non-governmental organisations (NGOs), focusing on the issues of armed violence prevention and reduction, victim assistance, conflict management, or other related fields;
  • Are generally available and interested in conducting short-term assignments on behalf of AOAV or other armed violence prevention actors, including those based in developing countries;

Please click here to download a document containing more detailed information about the Roster of Experts.

An application form for inclusion on the Roster can be downloaded here (in Word format) and here (in Pdf format).

Please send all completed applications to