Civilian Casualties from British Military

The reports below sought to identify the civilian death toll from British military action since 1945. Though the figure of noncombatant fatalities uncovered is likely an underestimate, the research conducted offers pertinent insights into continuities and evolutions in patterns of civilian harm.hild Fatalities in Afghanistan, The Aden Emergency, The Afghanistan War, The Anglo-Egyptian War, The Bosnia and Herzegovina Intervention, The Brunei Revolt, The Cyprus Emergency, The Dhofar Rebellion, The East African Mutinies, The Falklands War, The First Gulf War, The First Libyan Civil War, The Greek Civil War, The Indonesian War of Independence, The Intervention Against ISIS, The Iraq War, The Jordan Intervention, The Korean War, The Kosovo Conflict, The Malayan Emergency, The Malaysia-Indonesia Confrontation, The Mau Mau Insurgency, The Muscat and Oman Intervention, The No-Fly Zone War, The Palestine Emergency, The Sierra Leone Intervention, The Suez Crisis, The Troubles, Vietnam.