UK Special Forces Global Operations

This category looks at UK Special Forces Operations overseas – operations that are never acknowledged by the UK government but are often ‘leaked’ to the press for publicity purposes.  We have gathered what has been put in the public domain in this way and presented it here, focusing on the 19 overseas countries (and territories) that the UKSF has had ‘live’ operations in just over the last decade. Care is taken not to publish any information that could endanger lives. List of countries and regions in which UKSF have operated in in the last decade (A-Z, on operations and training): Afghanistan, Algeria,  England, Estonia, France, Iran/Oman (Strait of Hormuz), Iraq, Kenya, Libya, Mali, Mediterranean, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Pakistan, Philippines, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Scotland, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Turkey / Lebanon, Ukraine, Yemen (incl. Djibouti)