Explosive violence by Islamic State

Formed in 1999 as part of the Al-Qaeda franchise, Islamic State (IS) – also known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) or the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) – is a Salafi–Jihadist militant organisation operating primarily in Syria and Iraq, where they aim to establish an Islamic caliphate. They have affiliated groups operating globally as part of their goal of creating a global Salafi–Jihadist movement. ​​
Over the past decade (2014-2023), AOAV has recorded 1,531 incidents of explosive weapons use attributed to the Islamic State. IS is the reported perpetrator of 25,782 civilian casualties (9,010 killed) and 6,490 armed actor casualties (3,752 killed). ​​
The five countries that have witnessed the most harm from attacks attributed to IS are Iraq (8,823 civilian casualties), Syria (4,763), Afghanistan (4,537), Pakistan (1,559), and Egypt (1,022). ​​
IEDs account for 89% (22,963) of civilian casualties attributed to IS, in particular non-specific IEDs (13,364 civilian casualties), car bombs (7,208), multiple IEDs (2,038), and roadside bombs (353). Suicide bombings represent 26% (399) of attacks by IS, and account for 73% (18,816) of civilian casualties. ​​
The majority of civilian casualties were recorded in IS attacks on places of worship, which account for 20% (5,198) of civilian casualties. Other locations impacted by attacks attributed to IS include public gatherings (3,222 civilian casualties), markets (2,783), multiple urban locations (2,508), commercial premises (2,020), and urban residential areas (1,354). ​​
Regional chapters: ​​
Islamic State – Algeria Province, IS-AP: Algeria ​​
Islamic State – Bengal Province, IS-BP: Bangladesh ​​
Islamic State – Caucasus Province, IS-CP: Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan ​​
Islamic State – Central Africa Province, IS-CAP: DRC, Uganda ​​
Islamic State – East Asia Province, IS-EAP: Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, ​​
Islamic State – Khorasan Province, IS-KP: Afghanistan, Pakistan ​​
Islamic State – Libya Province, IS-LP: Libya ​​
Islamic State – Mozambique, ISM: Mozambique ​​
Islamic State – Sahel Province, ISSP: Niger, Mali, Burkina Faso ​​
Islamic State – Saudi Arabia Province, IS-SAP: Saudi Arabia ​​
Islamic State – Sinai Province, IS-SP: Egypt ​​
Islamic State – Somalia Province: Somalia ​​
Islamic State – Turkey Province, IS-TP: Turkey ​​
Islamic State – West Africa Province, ISWAP: Nigeria, Cameroon, Chad, Niger, Turkey ​​
Islamic State – Yemen Province, IS-YP: Yemen ​​
Islamic State in Gaza: Gaza, West Bank