Explosive violence in Gaza in 2016

  • There were six incidents of explosive violence that have led to death or injury in Gaza in 2016.
  • All were perpetrated by the IDF
  • The incidents caused five armed actor deaths and injuries and at least 13 civilians, including at least three children.
  • At least three of the incidents targeted populated areas. Air-launched explosives were used in all incidents.
  • Though this explosive violence does not even begin to reach the levels perpetrated in July and August 2014, it still speaks to the unrest and tension across Gaza.

Explosive violence trends and patterns in Gaza (2011-2016)

  • When monitoring the figures for the last six years Gaza was the 7th most affected country from explosive violence.
  • AOAV recorded 5,282 deaths and injuries from explosive violence over the last six years 2011-2016.
  • Of these 91% (4,793) were civilians.
  • 80% of all civilian deaths and injuries were recorded in 2014.
  • 98% of all deaths and injuries from explosive violence in the last six years in Gaza has been perpetrated by a state actor – the Israeli Defense Force (IDF).
  • In 2014, Gaza had more civilian casualties of explosive weapons use than anywhere else in the world other than Iraq and Syria.
  • AOAV recorded 3,813 civilian deaths and injuries from explosive violence in Gaza in 2014, almost all occurring in July and August, in what is known as ‘Operation Protective Edge’.

Details of the 2014 attacks are captured in AOAV’s report Explosive States: Monitoring explosive violence in 2014.

In addition, we examined the rules of engagement undertaken by the Israeli military in our report: Under Fire: Israel’s artillery policies scrutinised.

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