AOAV’s research on manufactured explosive weapons

Manufactured explosive weapons are those that are commercially-produced, and they range in size and power from hand grenades to massive aircraft bombs.

AOAV’s key reports on manufactured weapons include: The Refugee Explosion (pdf), Wide-area impact report (pdf), Under Fire: Israel’s artillery policies scrutinised (pdf), Air Power in Afghanistan (pdf), and A Tale of Two Cities (pdf).

From missiles exploding into apartment blocks in Gaza, to mortars and multiple rocket launchers tearing apart the cities of Syria and eastern Ukraine, the use of heavy explosive weapons in populated areas causes a predictable pattern of excessive civilian harm. Explosive weapons can have a wide area impact, either through their large blast capacity, the inaccuracy of their use, or the firing of multiple munitions.

Together with the International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW), AOAV believes that immediate action can and should be taken to develop stronger international standards that reduce the humanitarian harm from the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

The latest on explosive violence