Our work on the ground

AOAV works with communities in heavily-affected countries to implement evidence-led programmes that can reduce the incidence and impact of armed violence. Building on experience in Sudan, Guinea Bissau, Lebanon and Kosovo, we currently conduct mine action in Western Sahara, building local teams to clear land contaminated by mines and ERW, returning it safely to Saharawi communities. We work in partnership with Government and civil society organisations in Sierra Leone to implement national and regional agreements on small arms and light weapons.

We use field-based survey methods and partnerships to understand people’s experience and perceptions of armed violence in LiberiaSierra Leone and Nigeria, and work to promote comprehensive national armed violence monitoring as a fundamental responsibility of government, and a vital resource for understanding the problem and taking effective action. Based on our deeper understanding of communities, we work with government agencies, vulnerable youth and communities in Liberia, offering an innovative programme on vocational training, psychosocial support and reintegration.

Starting with a programme spanning 12 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, we work regionally with government and NGOs to assess and improve commitment and capacity in three key areas of armed violence reduction and prevention: armed violence data-gathering and monitoring; support to the rights and needs of victims and survivors; and inclusion of armed violence reduction programmes in national development planning.

We know that we cannot do everything everywhere. Rather, we use field-based experience and analysis to create models of effective intervention, which can be taken up and used by others in appropriate forms in affected communities and countries around the world.


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