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02/07/2014: New data shows 70% rise in civilian casualties from IEDs around the world in the last three years

23/06/2014: Homicides in Central America up 99% in the last decade, major report reveals

21/05/2014: UK charity launches anti-suicide bomb film in Pakistan

14/05/2014: Major increase in global civilian casualties from explosive weapons, report reveals

02/05/2014: Car bombing in Abuja as IEDs continue to kill civilians around the world 

17/04/2014: 15 shootings that changed the law: on the 15th anniversary of Columbine massacre, AOAV releases new report

15/04/2014: Systematically recording the casualties of armed violence can help save lives

14/04/2014: Casualties from IEDs in Nigeria continue to rise after latest Abuja bombing

11/04/2014: Data shows Wednesday’s bomb attack on Islamabad market part of a bloody pattern

02/04/2014: Civilian casualties from IEDs in Nigeria so far in 2014 eclipse last year

02/04/2014: Top arms exporters signal wind change in global weapons trade by ratifying Arms Trade Treaty

20/03/2014: Iraq sees 42% rise in IED attacks as 12 more killed as yet another cafe targeted

18/03/2014: Rickshaw packed with explosives kills at least 15 people in Afghan market

15/03/2014: Syria: Three years of bombing civilians

10/03/2014: Massive car bomb attack adds to toll of IED casualties in Iraq

04/03/2014: ‘Writing the Rights’: AOAV publishes major new report on the rights of victims of armed violence

27/02/2014: Another IED attack on a Mogadishu tea shop

27/02/2014: Airstrike in Lebanon a further sign of crisis 

10/02/2014: Militants killed by own car bomb in Iraq but most victims are civilians

07/02/2014: The first British suicide bomber in Syria strikes in Aleppo

03/02/2014: AOAV condemns “barrel bomb” barrage in Aleppo, Syria

22/01/2014: Ahead of crucial talks, AOAV calls on Syrian conflict parties to stop bombing civilians

10/01/2014: AOAV data shows IEDs continue to exact deadly toll in Pakistan


12/12/2013: Major report on Nigerian armed violence launched by British and Nigerian charities

08/10/2013: AOAV lists 100 of the world’s most influential journalists covering armed violence

20/09/2013: Action on Armed Violence exposes Syria’s Dirty Dozen Explosive Weapons

30/08/2013: Action on Armed Violence welcomes parliamentary vote on Syria

29/08/2013: What’s the target? AOAV warns of dangers and risks inherent in bombing Syria

26/08/2013: Action on Armed Violence condemns UK plans to bomb Syria

16/08/2013: AOAV and Saferworld critical of UK government’s U-turn on public reporting of arms exports

28/06/2013: Working to make the world a safer place: AOAV name the 100 most influential people reducing armed violence


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