Investigating the reverberating harm from the use of explosive weapons in Syria

Over 2018 and 2019, AOAV conducted in-depth research into the long-term harm from eight years of explosive weapon use across Syria. The research covers consequences under the areas of health, economy, environment, and society and culture. Below are the key publications that have come from this study.

Our main report: The reverberating effects of explosive weapon use in Syria

Our key findings can be seen here.

The Forum on the Arms Trade article: Explosive violence and the health challenges ahead for Syria

Fair Planet articleExplosive weapons in Syria: the lasting harm to the environment

Key areas: Health, Economy, Environment, and Society and Culture.

Interviews: Zaina, Syrian refugee; Mohamad and his family, Syrian refugees; Mira Hamour, documentary filmmaker behind ‘Syria’s Tent Cities’; Salim Abdul Ghani, Director of the Rainbow centre for Syrian refugees.

Key health findings video: The reverberating impacts on healthcare from explosive violence