Rising toll: London’s teen homicides increase in 2023

London witnessed a concerning rise in teen homicides in 2023, surpassing the previous year’s count with a mix of stabbings, shootings, and other violent incidents.

British military deliberates: is releasing details of alleged war crimes to AOAV in public interest?

The UK Ministry of Defence delays releasing details on alleged war crimes by the UK military, citing a need to balance public interest and investigations, amidst AOAV’s call for transparency and accountability.

Understanding the human cost: BBC Verify offers up insights into civilian harm in Gaza

his article examines the severe human toll of the Gaza conflict as reported by BBC Verify, highlighting the staggering civilian casualties, particularly among women and children, and the complexities of casualty reporting in war zones.

Lanao del Sur: 4 civilians killed, 50 injured in IS IED attack during Mass at Mindanao State University, Marawi, the Philippines, 3 Dec

Four people were killed and 50 injured in an Islamic State attack on a student Mass in Marawi, Lanao del Sur

AOAV’s academic citations

AOAV’s work is widely cited. Here is a list of over 300 work that has seen citations of AOAV’s research since 2018.

One year on: the shifting landscape of civilian protection and the Dublin Declaration

How protecting civilians from explosive weapon use in populated areas is never more urgent than now.

Understanding and mitigating the impact explosions outside conventional warfare: a UN First Committee side-event by AOAV

This side-event presented comprehensive data on global explosions, dissect the harm caused by IEDs, evaluate UN’s counter-IED efforts, and highlight recent research into civilian blast injuries in urban settings.

Landmines: a diabolical threat to humanity – lessons from Ukraine

The ongoing war in Ukraine is gravely impeded by the prolific use of landmines by Russian forces, causing devastating casualties, and hindering the Ukrainian army’s progress in their counteroffensive, as highlighted in a recent report from The New York Times.

UK arms export to North Korea (DPRK) (2012-2022)

This report examines the UK arms export to DPRK 2012-2022

Decorated Australian soldier loses defamation case over war crime allegations; implications for UK’s own Special Forces military investigation grow

Decorated Australian soldier Ben Roberts-Smith’s defamation lawsuit against three news outlets accusing him of war crimes fails, substantiating some allegations and adding tension to international military collaborations.

Action on Armed Violence request for Core Participant Status in the Independent Inquiry Relating to Afghanistan rejected

Despite the rejection of Action on Armed Violence’s application for Core Participant status in the independent inquiry into alleged unlawful activities by British armed forces in Afghanistan, AOAV remains committed to contributing to the pursuit of truth and justice.

Escalating violence in Gaza: Israeli strikes kill 17 Palestinian civilians, sparks rocket response

In an escalating conflict, Israeli air strikes have claimed the lives of 15 Palestinians, including three Islamic Jihad commanders, which provoked a response of over 60 rockets fired towards Israel from Palestinian militants.