AOAV works with civil society and the small arms commissions of Burundi and DRC to advocate for the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)

The Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) is a piece of international legislation which aims to regulate the international trade in conventional weapons. It was adopted by the United Nations on 2nd April 2013 and obliges State Parties to ensure appropriate and effective controls on all trade of conventional arms. Increased accountability and transparency in the activities […]

Eurosatory 2014 in pictures: AOAV at the world’s largest arms trade fair

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News from AOAV: 19 August 2013

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Nigeria becomes first African country to ratify Arms Trade Treaty

Nigeria has become the first Africa country to sign and ratify the Arms Trade Treaty (ATT), the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Olugbenga Ashiru, has announced. “This landmark event represents our deep commitment to a treaty which establishes common international standards for the import, export and transfer of conventional arms,” Mr Ashiru said after the signing of the […]

Thoughts on Violence: Anna Macdonald, Head of Arms Control at Oxfam

Anna Macdonald, head of arms control at Oxfam, Co-Chair of the Control Arms Coalition and member of the AOAV board, explains the purpose and potential of a strong Arms Trade Treaty. Who is Anna Macdonald? Anna Macdonald is Head of Arms Control at Oxfam, and has worked on the Arms Trade Treaty since 2002, representing […]

Arming rebels in Syria (and beyond): What next for the UK government?

Earlier this week there was a vote by British MPs that prevented the government from sending weapons to Syrian rebels without the consent of Parliament.  Such a vote raises huge questions not only for the nature of British intervention in this conflict, but also for future ones. Since Britain and France successfully lobbied to drop […]

Anna Macdonald

Anna Macdonald Head of Control Arms Coalition Head of Arms control at Oxfam Co-chair of AOAV Anna Macdonald is Head of Arms Control at Oxfam and a leading campaigner for the Control Arms Coalition, a network of civil society organisations which was influential in the approval of a global Arms Trade Treaty in 2013. Macdonald […]

Sending weapons into Syria: Why Britain can’t follow the US example

Today it was announced that the US is to arm the Syrian opposition, after the White House confirmed that chemical weapons had been used by Assad’s forces earlier this year.  This action crossed President Obama’s ‘red line’, and has caused the US to play its hand. In a statement the US said it would send direct military assistance […]

Marking a new dawn: the Arms Trade Treaty signing ceremony

The Arms Trade Treaty is signed today in a historic move to reduce armed violence.

The World has an Arms Trade Treaty

In a landmark vote of the United Nations General Assembly, 154 countries supported the adoption of the first Arms Trade Treaty that seeks to reduce armed violence worldwide.

Do as I say, not as I do: what the UK government says and what it does in arms control are very, very different.

Lobbying for a robust arms trade treaty in New York, whilst advocating for lifting the EU arms embargo for Syria in Brussels. Hypocrisy? Not for the UK.

Iran, Syrian and DPRK stall adoption of Arms Trade Treaty

The adoption of the global Arms Trade Treaty was stalled yet again after Syria, the Islamic Republic of Iran, and the Democratic People’s Republic of North Korea blocked an agreement today.