Algorithmic predictions and pre-emptive violence: a review of Professor Anthony Downey’s paper on AI and drones

Downey’s paper explores the ethical implications of AI-driven unmanned aerial systems in modern warfare and their impact on military strategy and human rights.

Decolonizing AI in Warfare: unveiling algorithmic anxieties and the perpetuation of neo-colonial violence

In this talk, Anthony Downey argues that AI perpetuates Western dominance and neo-colonial violence, particularly in UAVs and LAWs, and emphasises the need to examine colonial influences on machine vision and the delegation of decision-making to algorithms.

As British General predicts robots fighting for the army in just over a decade, AOAV examines the dangers of robotic warfare and its potential impact on civilians

The use of autonomous drones and robots in warfare poses a significant danger to civilians, as they can hunt down, target and kill humans without the need for direct human input, and raise questions about the potential for unintended casualties and lack of human oversight in decision-making.