Human Rights Watch finds Russian strikes killed scores of civilians in Chernihiv, Ukraine

A Human Rights Watch investigation found that four air and ground-launched attacks on the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, in March 2022, were in clear violation of the laws of war.

One year after Israel began artillery shelling in Gaza AOAV asks: What have we learned?

One year ago today Israel launched a ground offensive as part of its ‘Operation Protective Edge’ in Gaza. It was a dramatic escalation in the ongoing fighting, which had already seen ten days of aerial bombing. The ground offensive meant that there would now be Israeli ‘boots on the ground’ in Gaza, and that Gazan […]

Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Ground-launched weapons

Ground-launched explosive weapons Ground-launched explosive weapons were responsible for 8,088 civilian casualties in 2014 (25% of the total recorded). 90% of casualties were civilians. This is higher than the proportion recorded from IED attacks (85%), and aerial attacks (61%). Mortars caused 3,000 civilian casualties in 15 countries. This is a 53% increase from 2013. Six […]

Israel shelling in Gaza war unprecedented despite inaccuracy

This report was originally written by Charlie Hoyle for Ma’an News Agency, and can be found here: The unprecedented number of Palestinians killed in the 2014 war in Gaza was linked to changes in the military rules of engagement regarding civilian protection measures by Israel’s army, a London-based NGO said this week. The unprecedented number […]

Israeli shelling in 2014 Gaza war ‘up 533%’ compared to 2008-09

This report was written by Press TV and first appeared here A newly released study shows that the use of explosive artillery by Israeli forces in last year’s war on Gaza increased by over 530 percent compared to the Israeli regime’s military offensive on the coastal enclave six years earlier. The report, released by the […]

A Tale of Two Cities: an investigation into the use of explosive weapons in Basra and Fallujah, Iraq

A new report launched today shows that the US military’s use of explosive weapons in Fallujah during 2004 disproportionately affected Iraqi civilians when compared to the British use of similar weapons in the battle for Basra in 2003. In A Tale of Two Cities, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) investigated the conduct of British forces in […]

‘Under Fire’ – Israel’s artillery policies scrutinised

New research by London-based NGO, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV), has revealed that recent changes to Israel’s military rules of engagement have increased the risk to civilians in Gaza. In “Under Fire,” AOAV scrutinised the rules that dictate how and where the Israel Defense Force (IDF) have used explosive weapons since 2005, the year the […]

Israeli explosive artillery fired on Gaza up more than 500% in 6 years – UK study

This article was originally published by Russia Today on 31 March 2015, and can be found here: Civilians living under Israeli occupation in the besieged Gaza Strip face a greater risk to their lives in the wake of a recent shift in Israel’s “military rules of engagement,” a new study warns. In a report released […]

A Tale of Two Cities: The battle of Basra (2003)

AOAV’s report A Tale of Two Cities explores the use of explosive weapons by UK and US forces in Basra and Fallujah respectively, 2003-04. It has been divided into chapters in this series. This chapter focuses on the UK’s deployment of explosive weapons during the Battle for Basra (March-April 2003). To read the full report […]

US explosive weapons used ‘disproportionately’ in Iraq compared to British Army – AOAV in Russia Today

This article was originally published in Russia Today on 5 February 2015 The US Army’s use of explosive weapons in Fallujah, Iraq, had a disproportionally higher effect on Iraqi civilians than British military strategy in Basra, a new study into the effects of the coalition occupation has revealed. US forces were found to be responsible […]

Iraq to stop shelling civilian areas, says PM

Iraq’s Prime Minister has called on the country’s armed forces to stop shelling populated areas as they seek to recapture territory lost to Islamic State militants, known as Isis. Speaking at a conference for the thousands of Iraqis who have been forcibly displaced in the wave of violence that has swept the country this year, […]

“Enough, we said, enough!” Top UN chiefs condemn the violence in Syria

Today the leaders of the United Nations’ leading humanitarian agencies issued a joint statement calling for urgent action to reduce the suffering in Syria. An urgent plea to stop the bombing of civilians is one of their primary demands, reflecting the terrible role these weapons have played in the conflict. “One year ago”, says the […]