Former British Army chief criticises government’s plan to deport migrants to Rwanda

General Sir Richard Dannatt criticizes the UK government’s policy to deport asylum seekers to Rwanda, citing ethical concerns and potential violations of international law, amidst increasing political and legal scrutiny.

Rwandan involvement in Congo’s conflict raises questions about UK’s asylum partnership

Rwanda’s military involvement in Congo’s North Kivu province, supporting M23 rebels despite denials, raises serious questions about the integrity of the UK’s Rwanda asylum processing partnership amid ongoing human rights and conflict concerns.

Examining the truth behind Daily Mail’s reports of terrorists crossing the Channel in small boats

The Daily Mail’s repeated stories of suspected terrorists crossing the English Channel in small boats raise security fears, but often lack concrete evidence and may contribute to public misinformation and xenophobia.

UK Supreme Court rules against sending asylum seekers to Rwanda: landmark judgement upholds human rights

The UK Supreme Court has unanimously ruled the Rwanda asylum policy unlawful, citing substantial risks of refoulement and inadequate protection for asylum seekers.

Of Barges and Banishments: what the Bibby Stockholm reveals about the UK’s dark history

Suella Braverman’s asylum barges are tied up with Britain’s imperial past, writes Iain Overton

Asylum Seekers in the UK: Escaping the World’s Deadliest Zones

Recent data from Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) coupled with records from Care4Calais shed light on the acute dangers that many asylum seekers coming to the UK face in their homelands.

UK government plans to move asylum seekers from hotels to military accommodation amidst concerns over housing standards

The UK government’s plans to move asylum seekers from hotels to alternative accommodation, including former military sites and even ferries, has been met with controversy and criticism, with concerns raised over the quality and safety of the proposed accommodation, as well as the government’s obligation to provide adequate housing for both asylum seekers and military personnel.