Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Air-launched weapons

Air-launched explosive weapons Air-launched explosive weapons killed and injured 5,868 civilians in 2014 (18% of all recorded).  Civilian casualties from aerial explosive weapons in 2014 almost tripled from 2013 levels. 17 countries and territories saw casualties in 2014. Almost half (43%, 2,504 people) of civilian casualties from air-launched explosive weapons were in Syria, and 35% […]

Wild shelling of Fallujah, Iraq: Civilians caught in the crossfire

Seven civilians were killed during shelling yesterday across the city of Fallujah. Their deaths are the latest to result from a “massive indiscriminate bombardment” carried out by Iraqi government forces and allied tribal groups since the start of 2014. As evidence emerges that the military has even resorted to the use of barrel bombs in […]

Syrian children killed in school bombing

As many as 25 children have been killed today in Syria by a barrel bomb that fell through the roof of their school. The young students at the Ein Jalout School in the northern city of Aleppo had gathered to exhibit their drawings when the bomb fell. It comes just a day after mortars thundered […]

“Life here totally sucks”: Syrian civilians still under siege

Twelve people were killed this morning when mortars fell on a school in the Syrian capital Damascus. Two mortar rounds struck the Badr al-Din al-Hussein technical institute, whose students are as young as 14. At this early stage it is not known if students are among the number of casualties, which is thought to include […]

AOAV research featured in The Telegraph

The following article appeared in The Telegraph on 15 March 2014.  As new research shows 90 per cent of explosive weapons casualties are civilian, the Telegraph highlights the deadliest weapons used in the conflict. Syria volunteered to hand over its chemical weapons after a nerve gas attack which killed hundreds in the Damascus district of […]

Syria: Three years in, a country torn apart by explosive violence

Today marks three years since the first anti-government protests broke out in Syria. The war that followed has claimed well over 100,000 lives, forced millions from their homes, and reduced ancient cities to rubble. The way in which explosive weapons have been used in Syria has shaped the dynamics of this relentless conflict. The history […]

Explosive Violence in February

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) records incidents of explosive violence as they occur around the world. Since 1 October 2010 AOAV has used English-language media sources to capture information on attacks, including on the number of casualties and the weapon type used. This month there were more than 3,000 casualties of explosive violence (people killed […]

Newsweek: Are Syrian barrel bombs really worse than normal weaponry?

This article originally appeared in Newsweek, 12 February 2014. More than a dozen boys were killed at a mosque bombing in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo last week. Days earlier, a barrel bomb blast took out seven people in the city’s Ansari quarter. All in all, the weapons are estimatedby officials to have killed more than 700 people in […]

Explosive Alert: Issue Four (28 January- 4 February 2014)

Every day civilians are killed and injured by explosive weapons, either the rockets and air-dropped bombs of a conventional military, or an improvised explosive device (IED). Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) records the incidents of explosive violence as they happen around the world. Using English-language media sources, AOAV collects data on attacks, including on the […]

AOAV condemns “barrel bomb” barrage in Aleppo

An ongoing aerial onslaught in the northern city of Aleppo has killed as many as 126 people over the weekend. At least 36 people were killed yesterday alone in air strikes across populated areas, say the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. Most of the fatalities were civilians. Yesterday’s toll included 17 children. The bombing raids are said […]