Over 80 Countries Committed to Curb Use of Explosive Weapons, Now Comes the Hard Part

Last week, more than 80 countries endorsed a new international commitment to address one of the greatest threats to civilians during armed conflict: the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

Four Explosions in Afghanistan Kill At Least 16 People On Wednesday 25 May

Four bombs exploded in Afghanistan on Wednesday 25 May, leaving 16 people dead and over 33 injured. Three of the attacks have been claimed by ISIS. This is the latest in a string of explosive violence incidents in Afghanistan since April, many of which have been claimed by ISIS.

Explosive Violence in April 2022

In April 2022, Action on Armed Violence recorded 2, 143 deaths and injuries from 237 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 80% (1, 722) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

Vocative highlights AOAV’s evidence that bombs in Yemen kill or injure five civilians for every armed casualty

This article was first published by Vocativ. It was written by Shane Dixon Kavanaugh on 23 September 2015, and can be read here.  Airstrikes, tank shells and IEDs used by both sides in Yemen’s ongoing war are wiping out an alarming number of innocent people, according to a new report By Shane Dixon Kavanaugh on […]

Explosive violence at the United Nations: Roundup of key discussions

Courtesy of INEW. The humanitarian impact of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas, and the action that states should take towards improving civilian protection from the grave humanitarian harm caused, were discussed at an INEW side event to the Mine Ban Treaty intersessional meetings on 26 June, chaired by Richard Moyes of INEW […]

Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Conclusions and recommendations

Conclusion More civilian casualties, from more incidents of explosive violence, were recorded in 2014 than in any of the three previous years that AOAV has been monitoring explosive weapon use. 2014 is the third consecutive year in which there has been a reported rise in civilian casualties from explosive weapons, up 5% from 2013 and […]

Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Ground-launched weapons

Ground-launched explosive weapons Ground-launched explosive weapons were responsible for 8,088 civilian casualties in 2014 (25% of the total recorded). 90% of casualties were civilians. This is higher than the proportion recorded from IED attacks (85%), and aerial attacks (61%). Mortars caused 3,000 civilian casualties in 15 countries. This is a 53% increase from 2013. Six […]

Explosive States: Explosive Violence in Populated Areas in 2014

Explosive weapons in populated areas In 2014, 92% of casualties in populated areas were reported as civilians. This is compared to 34% in other areas.  On average 16 people were killed or injured in every incident of explosive weapon use in populated areas. In other areas in 2014 the average number was four. 4,245 civilians […]

Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Key Findings

Introduction “Ultimately, civilians in Syria, Gaza, Israel, Afghanistan, Libya, eastern Ukraine and other conflict hotspots pay the price when the shells aimed at military targets end up hitting homes, hospitals and schools. This simply has to stop. These explosive weapons are designed for open battlefields, not built-up urban areas […] This is not about the […]

Iraq to stop shelling civilian areas, says PM

Iraq’s Prime Minister has called on the country’s armed forces to stop shelling populated areas as they seek to recapture territory lost to Islamic State militants, known as Isis. Speaking at a conference for the thousands of Iraqis who have been forcibly displaced in the wave of violence that has swept the country this year, […]

Explosive violence in March 2014

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) records incidents of explosive violence as they occur around the world. Since 1 October 2010 AOAV has used English-language media sources to capture information on attacks, including on the number of casualties and the weapon type used. This month there were almost 2,000 casualties of explosive violence (people killed and […]

AOAV talks to Voice of America about explosive violence in Syria

The following interview was carried out by Susan Yackee, Anchor of the International Edition at Voice of America. Listen to the interview here:   The Syrian conflict has claimed more than a 100,000 lives, forced millions of people to leave their homes, and reduced cities to rubble. That’s according to Action on Armed Violence. AOAV […]