N1466: how a senior British army officer blew the whistle, alleging war crimes by SAS in Afghanistan

A senior SAS officer, known as N1466, exposed potential war crimes committed by SAS units in Afghanistan, leading to a significant investigation after revealing discrepancies in enemy casualties versus weapons recovered, and advocating for a deeper inquiry into these disturbing patterns.

Betrayed and Forgotten? The plight of Afghan Special Forces facing deportation exposed

British Army members who advocated for Afghan special forces now facing deportation to the Taliban claim their efforts were ignored by the Ministry of Defence, raising questions about the UK’s commitment to its allies.

Delay in Nairobi court hearing over Kenyan death linked to British military sparks calls for justice

A Nairobi court adjourned the lawsuit over the 2012 death of Agnes Wanjiru, last seen with a British soldier, until May, amid family criticism and unresolved questions about the involvement of UK military personnel.

AOAV’s Executive Director, Dr Iain Overton, appears on the BBC’s Points of View to discuss the series ‘Soldier’

AOAV’s Iain Overton spoke to the BBC. He said it was important that their docuseries acknowledged that the primary focus of military training is, in the end, about killing.

Kenyan court orders British Army to pay compensation for 2021 fire

A Kenyan court has ordered the British Army to compensate for a 2021 fire during a military exercise near Nanyuki, central Kenya, leading to demands from affected residents for compensation for environmental damage and health issues, as King Charles III’s visit to Kenya approaches.

Inquiry considers allegations of 80 unlawful civilian killings and cover-up by UK’s SAS in Afghanistan

An ongoing public inquiry into the conduct of UK’s Special Air Service (SAS) in Afghanistan between 2010 and 2013 suggests that about 80 Afghan civilians may have been summarily killed by SAS units.

Britain’s global military engagements: at what cost?

As the Prime Minister declares dedication to safeguarding peace and security in the Indo-Pacific region AOAV asks: what is the price of Britain’s global projection of power?

Former Afghan interpreter for British Army denied compensation despite sustaining injuries from Taliban attacks

An Afghan interpreter, Jamal Barak, who served with the British Army for eight years, has been denied government compensation after being shot twice by the Taliban.

The surprising reality of British Armed Forces Fatalities and the growing concern of suicide rates: a report citing AOAV data in the Express

The declining number of combat-related deaths in the UK Armed Forces reveals a growing concern over suicide rates, as mental health challenges emerge as a critical modern threat for military personnel.