Former UK PM Liz Truss’s secret lobbying for defence exports to China raises security concerns

Liz Truss, ex-Prime Minister of the UK, is reported to have covertly urged government officials to expedite the sale of military-grade landmine disposal equipment to China, sparking debates over national and allied security interests.

Civilians still being harmed by cluster munitions, 15 years after Convention ratified by 123 states

May 30 marked 15 years since the Convention on Cluster Munitions was adopted in Dublin. In the face of continuing harm from these weapons across the globe, Human Rights Watch called for greater international efforts to ensure its goals are achieved.

UK Ministry of Defence reveals Defence Loan Service Personnel expenditure

Data on costs associated with Defence Loan Service Personnel to 85 countries, including human rights priority nations, reveal global cost of up to £40m in 2022.

AOAV’s evidence to the UK Foreign Affairs Committee inquiry into UK Universities’ Engagement with Autocracies

AOAV has submitted evidence to the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee highlighting concerns over the potential risks to academic freedom and national security posed by UK universities accepting funding from authoritarian governments like China and Gulf states.

China-Russia’s strategic partnership: implications for global peace and security

China-Russia’s strategic partnership has implications for global peace and security, requiring innovative and peaceful solutions through increased international cooperation, transparency, accountability, and promotion of human rights and democracy.

Case studies: China before and after ATT accession – Assessing the effectiveness of the Arms Trade Treaty, Part 11

Action on Armed Violence analyses the impact of the Arms Trade Treaty on Chinese explosive weapons transfers.