UK arms exports to the Central African Republic

Central African Republic: Country overview The Central African Republic (CAR) is a landlocked nation in Central Africa, bordering Chad, South Sudan, Cameroon and Congo, with an estimated population of 4.5 million. The CAR’s political framework is that of a semi-presidential republic, where the president is head of state and the prime minister is the head of […]

UK arms exports to South Sudan

South Sudan: Country overview The Republic of South Sudan is a landlocked nation in East-Central Africa, neighbouring Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda, DRC and CAR. It has an estimated population of 7-10 million and is the world’s newest country, gaining independence from Sudan in 2011 in a bid to end Africa’s longest-running civil war. A new civil war, […]

UK arms exports to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka: Country overview Located in the Indian Ocean, the Republic of Sri Lanka hosts of a population of 21 million. With a unitary semi-presidential constitutional government, Sri Lanka is ruled by both President Maithripala Sirisena and Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe. The country has been plagued with a decades-long civil war between two ethnic groups: […]

UK arms exports to Syria

Syria: Country overview The Syrian Arab Republic is bordered by Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, Israel and Lebanon, and has an population that stands at an estimated 21 million people. Since 2011, the country has found itself in a brutal civil war, one begun during mass public demonstrations that demanded the resignation of President Bashar al-Assad. That […]

UK arms exports to Yemen

Yemen: Country overview The Republic of Yemen, located in the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula and bordering Saudi Arabia and Oman, has an estimated population of 27,5 million. The country is relatively new, established in 1990 after a unification of southern and northern Yemen. Abdullah Saleh had ruled the country since its independence, but […]

In focus: AOAV’s Burundi programme director on the challenges of her work

Julie Claveau joined AOAV in June 2013 and specialises in peace-building in Burundi. She previously worked with Mines Advisory Group (MAG) in Burundi and the Democratic Republic of Congo implementing armed violence reduction and humanitarian mine action projects. In a nutshell, what’s your job? I’ll be supervising and growing the programme in Burundi. Currently, we have two branches […]

Brenda Hollis

Brenda Hollis Prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone Brenda Hollis is Prosecutor for the Special Court for Sierra Leone, a court set up jointly between the UN and the Government of Sierra Leone to prosecute those most responsible for crimes committed during the civil war. In 2012 Charles Taylor became the first Head […]

Steve McCurry

Steve McCurry Photojournalist Steve McCurry is a photojournalist whose career was launched when he crossed the Pakistan border into rebel-controlled areas of Afghanistan just before the Soviet invasion. He went on to cover the Iran-Iraq wars, the civil wars in Cambodia, the Philippines and Afghanistan. His most famous photograph, “Afghan Girl,” taken in a refugee […]

Eric Niragira

Eric Niragira Former child soldier Eric Niragira is the founder of the Training Centre for Development of Ex-Combatants (CEDAC). Born in Burundi he was a child soldier during the civil war, witnessing much brutality and seeing many of his friends killed and injured. His experiences inspired him to work with former combatants and help to […]

Sending weapons into Syria: Why Britain can’t follow the US example

Today it was announced that the US is to arm the Syrian opposition, after the White House confirmed that chemical weapons had been used by Assad’s forces earlier this year.  This action crossed President Obama’s ‘red line’, and has caused the US to play its hand. In a statement the US said it would send direct military assistance […]