Oslo conference reaffirms global political commitment to addressing use of explosive weapons in populated areas

The first follow-up conference to the EWIPA Declaration in Oslo emphasized the urgent need for global collaboration to protect civilians in conflict zones, celebrated new endorsements, and outlined actionable recommendations for implementing the Declaration.

Ukraine: uncovering the devastation of Mariupol

The report “‘Our City Was Gone’: Russia’s Devastation of Mariupol, Ukraine” by Human Rights Watch, Truth Hounds, and SITU Research documents the extensive civilian and infrastructural damage caused by the Russian military assault on Mariupol in 2022, calling for accountability for apparent war crimes.

One year on: the shifting landscape of civilian protection and the Dublin Declaration

How protecting civilians from explosive weapon use in populated areas is never more urgent than now.

Alleged violations of International Humanitarian Law in the Israel-Palestine conflict: a simple explainer

The UN is gathering evidence of potential war crimes by both Israeli forces and Palestinian combatants, as actions violating international humanitarian law have been reported since October 7th.

Donetsk, Ukraine: 12 killed and 60 injured in missile strike on restaurant in Kramatorsk, 27 June.

On Tuesday 27 June, 12 civilians were killed and 60 injured in a Russian missile strike on a restaurant in Kramatorsk, Donestk.