Explosive Violence Monitor: 13 to 19 October 2023

From 13 to 19 October 2023, AOAV has recorded 217 incidents of explosive violence around the world, and 1,619 civilian casualties.

Civilians still being harmed by cluster munitions, 15 years after Convention ratified by 123 states

May 30 marked 15 years since the Convention on Cluster Munitions was adopted in Dublin. In the face of continuing harm from these weapons across the globe, Human Rights Watch called for greater international efforts to ensure its goals are achieved.

UK arms exports to Yemen (2012-2022)

This report examines the UK arms export to Yemen 2012-2022

A Tale of Two Cities: The battle of Basra (2003)

AOAV’s report A Tale of Two Cities explores the use of explosive weapons by UK and US forces in Basra and Fallujah respectively, 2003-04. It has been divided into chapters in this series. This chapter focuses on the UK’s deployment of explosive weapons during the Battle for Basra (March-April 2003). To read the full report […]

US explosive weapons used ‘disproportionately’ in Iraq compared to British Army – AOAV in Russia Today

This article was originally published in Russia Today on 5 February 2015 The US Army’s use of explosive weapons in Fallujah, Iraq, had a disproportionally higher effect on Iraqi civilians than British military strategy in Basra, a new study into the effects of the coalition occupation has revealed. US forces were found to be responsible […]

UK financial institutions investing £1.1 billion in cluster bomb producers

A new report released today by the Dutch peace group IKV Pax Christi shows that UK financial institutions are investing £1.1 billion in overseas companies that produce cluster bombs. Cluster bombs are illegal weapons banned by the 2008 Convention on Cluster Munitions. The UK has ratified the Convention but has not yet made it explicit […]

More than 100 countries gather for cluster munition ban meeting in Zambia

The more than 100 governments attending the Fourth Meeting of States Parties to the Convention on Cluster Munitions this week should strongly condemn Syria’s use of the weapon, said the Cluster Munition Coalition as the meeting opened today in Lusaka, Zambia. Syrian government forces began using cluster munitions in 2012 and the use has continued into 2013, […]

Say no to possible US use of cluster munitions in Syria intervention

The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), of which AOAV is a member, urges all 112 countries that have joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions to help ensure that the weapons are not used by the United States in any military action in Syria. “Cluster munitions used by the Syrian regime have already caused numerous civilian casualties […]

News from AOAV: 27 August 2013

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A step backwards: sale of US cluster bombs to Saudi Arabia

Today’s announcement of a massive deal for US firm Textron to make more than a thousand new cluster bombs for Saudi Arabia is a regressive step that goes against the norms of the treaty that outlawed these weapons in 2008. In a deal announced today, Saudi Arabia will buy 1,300 new CBU-105 cluster bombs. The […]

The Dirty Dozen of Cluster Munitions

More than half the world has so far joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions. 85 countries are left to do so, 12 of which have a proven record of using cluster munitions in the past. Click here to learn more about cluster munitions and their deadly legacy.

Togo: pushing states to sign up the the ban on Cluster Munitions

AOAV reports from the conference on universalizing the Convention on Cluster Munitions in Lomé.