King Charles’ visit to Kenya and the long shadow of Agnes Wanjiru’s murder

King Charles III’s official visit to commemorate Kenya’s independence anniversary has drawn attention to the unresolved murder of Agnes Wanjiru allegedly committed by British soldiers, prompting her niece’s plea for justice, amid growing discontent over post-colonial issues and suppression of protests.

Kenyan court orders British Army to pay compensation for 2021 fire

A Kenyan court has ordered the British Army to compensate for a 2021 fire during a military exercise near Nanyuki, central Kenya, leading to demands from affected residents for compensation for environmental damage and health issues, as King Charles III’s visit to Kenya approaches.

Opinion: having the army on standby as police firearm officers only risks exacerbating systemic issues

Met Police firearms officers have handed in their weapons over concern that one of their own has been charged with the murder of 24-year-old Chris Kaba

Former Afghan interpreter for British Army denied compensation despite sustaining injuries from Taliban attacks

An Afghan interpreter, Jamal Barak, who served with the British Army for eight years, has been denied government compensation after being shot twice by the Taliban.