A critical analysis of The Lancet’s letter “Counting the Dead in Gaza: Difficult but Essential”. Professor Mike Spagat reviews the claim the total Gaza death toll may reach upwards of 186,000

Professor Mike Spagat critiques the mortality estimates in Gaza, arguing that the projection of 186,000 total deaths based on indirect-to-direct death ratios is speculative and lacks a solid foundation, emphasising the need for context-specific and transparent data collection methods.

Gaza Ministry of Health releases detailed new casualty data amidst confusion of UN’s death numbers in Gaza

The Gaza Ministry of Health recently released a detailed yet flawed list of war fatalities, revealing that 54.4% of the recorded deaths are women or children, while UNOCHA’s handling of Gaza death numbers, highlighted by contradictory infographics, has exacerbated the confusion surrounding the actual death toll.

The evolution and impact of OSINT in contemporary conflicts: an interview with Dr David Young

David Young, a lecturer in digital media and culture, discusses the role of open-source intelligence (OSINT) in modern conflicts, its influence on media and public perception, and the challenges posed by misinformation and AI technology.

Is the Hamas-run Ministry of Health data on fatalities in Gaza to be trusted?

Two conflict experts compare numbers over the last three Gaza wars and conclude: the current numbers are credible and show increasingly more civilians getting killed