The Ministry of Secrets? Patterns of secrecy and accountability evasion revealed in the MoD

AOAV’s research highlights the Ministry of Defence’s troubling patterns of secrecy, delays, and accountability evasion, calling for urgent reforms in its transparency practices.

The MOD’s handling of UK Special Forces Inquiry expose how promises of support clash with delays and inefficiency: AOAV comments

The Ministry of Defence (MoD) faces intense scrutiny from the Afghanistan Inquiry over significant delays and mismanagement in handling allegations of unlawful killings and cover-ups by UK Special Forces.

Independent Inquiry relating to Afghanistan: day 3

The Inquiry into allegations of severe war crimes involving a campaign of murder by UK Special Forces in Afghanistan, which was purportedly known and permitted by Senior Officers and the MOD, unravels a harrowing narrative of civilian deaths, potential cover-ups, and an organizational culture that enabled sustained, egregious violations of human rights, with the bereaved families seeking justice amidst institutional obfuscation and delayed inquiries.