Comparing explosive violence patterns in the Horn of Africa and Sahel

The Horn of Africa and the Sahel face significant challenges from conflict, climate change, and terrorism, necessitating tailored and effective responses to address their unique security and developmental needs.

Landmines in Azerbaijan continue to pose a lethal threat to peace and development

The challenge of removing mines and explosive remnants of war remains a major obstacle facing Azerbaijan before the liberated territories can be repopulated and developed, and before the peace agreement signed in 2020 can be fulfilled.

Colombian town emerges from bloody past, but healing trauma proves elusive

This article, by Anastasia Moloney, is republished with the kind permission of the Thomson Reuters Foundation. Along the main square in this town, men chat over beer and billiards to the sound of blaring “Vallenato” folk music. Churchgoers attend afternoon mass and schoolchildren enjoy ice cream in the shade of palm trees. In the surrounding verdant […]

Countries in crisis: a new approach to rebuilding the future

Around the world, 1.5 billion people live in a place affected by conflict or violence, waiting, often for decades, for something more than a temporary respite from death and destruction. A definite end to conflict, however, is difficult to achieve. While negotiated endings, such as ceasefires and peace settlements, are rightly celebrated, the history of recent conflicts, […]

In focus: Maximo Halty, Chief Technical Advisor of the UNDP Crisis and Risk Mapping and Analysis, Sudan

Maximo Halty, Chief Technical Advisor of the UNDP’s Crisis and Risk Mapping and Analysis (CRMA) in Sudan explains the project’s approach of collaborating with all UN agencies, NGOs and national bodies to identify, geo-reference, digitise and consolidate existing  information relevant for recovery and development activities. AOAV: What is the UNDP Crisis and Risk Mapping and Analysis […]

In focus: May-Elin Stener of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

AOAV has met May-Elin Stener, Director of the Humanitarian Section at the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and asked her about Norway’s partnership with AOAV and the country’s involvement in armed violence reduction.

Robert Muggah

Robert Muggah Research Director and Program coordinator for violence reduction at Igarapé Institute Robert Muggah is the Research Director at the Igarapé Institute, a Brazilian think tank focusing on security and development and a Principal of the SecDev group, an operational consultancy. He has written extensively on the issue of armed violence including research on […]

Paul Murphy

Paul Murphy Executive Director of Safer World Saferworld is a UK based NGO working to improve security and achieve lasting peace. They look to cut across issues of development, peace building and the rule of law. Evidence and experience from their in-country programmes is used to make recommendations to international policy makers. Paul Murphy was […]

Martin Dahinden

Martin Dahinden Director-General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation Martin Dahinden is the Director-General of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation. He has previously worked as Director of the International Centre for Humanitarian Demining and in the Swiss Diplomatic Service. The agency has a particular interest in conflict transformation and ending cycles […]

Prince El Hassan Bin Talal

Prince El Hassan Bin Talal Member of the Jordanian Royal Family Prince El Hassan Bin Talal is a member of the Jordanian Royal Family and an influential humanitarian. Prince Hassan has joined and founded multiple projects that have worked to promote peace and non-violence throughout the world. His interests include security, dialogue and multilateralism. He […]

Alexandre Marc

Alexandre Marc Manager of the Conflict, Crime and Violence cluster in the Social Development Department of the World Bank Alexandre Marc is the cluster leader for the conflict, crime, and violence team at the World Bank. This group is responsible for gathering and disseminating information on how conflict and violence can be obstacles to development. […]

Alexander Butchart

Alexander Butchart Co-ordinator of  Violence Prevention at the World Health Organisation Dr Alexander Butchart is the coordinator of the Prevention of Violence Team at the World Health Organisation. His research focuses on the development of policies and guidelines for the prevention of violence. Prior to this he worked as a lead scientist in the South African […]