Leading experts foresee up to 74,290 excess deaths in Gaza

The report by the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and Johns Hopkins University projects up to 74,290 excess deaths in Gaza under varying scenarios, emphasizing the critical need for improved healthcare, sanitation, and nutrition amid the Israel-Gaza conflict.

British military deliberates: is releasing details of alleged war crimes to AOAV in public interest?

The UK Ministry of Defence delays releasing details on alleged war crimes by the UK military, citing a need to balance public interest and investigations, amidst AOAV’s call for transparency and accountability.

AOAV signs joint letter by civil society organisations to Control Arms Export Committee regarding UK arms to Israel

A coalition of leading civil society organisations have penned a letter to both the Control Arms Export Committee (CAEC) and the Financial Times. The letter addresses the escalating violence in southern Gaza and the UK’s role in supplying arms to Israel.

UK’s asylum policy and Rwanda’s M23 involvement: a troubling contradiction

The UK’s policy of deporting asylum seekers to Rwanda, amidst reports of the latter’s support for M23 rebels and associated human rights abuses, presents a stark ethical dilemma and contradicts the notion of Rwanda as a safe country.

AOAV calls on Defence Serious Crime Command to investigate General Gwyn Jenkins over allegations of cover-up in SAS extrajudicial killings

AOAV has formally requested the Defence Serious Crime Command to investigate General Gwyn Jenkins for allegedly covering up extrajudicial killings by the SAS in Afghanistan, as reported by BBC Panorama.

One year on: the shifting landscape of civilian protection and the Dublin Declaration

How protecting civilians from explosive weapon use in populated areas is never more urgent than now.

AOAV’s Executive Director, Dr Iain Overton, talks to BBC News about the bombing Gaza and the impact of the violence on people living with disabilities there

He was invited onto the news channel after tweeting: “I was supposed to be part of a graduation ceremony in Gaza today for students living with disabilities completing a course on storytelling. The University now lies in rubble, the students are uncontactable and at least one of my fellow lecturers has lost 9 members of his family.”

King Charles’ visit to Kenya and the long shadow of Agnes Wanjiru’s murder

King Charles III’s official visit to commemorate Kenya’s independence anniversary has drawn attention to the unresolved murder of Agnes Wanjiru allegedly committed by British soldiers, prompting her niece’s plea for justice, amid growing discontent over post-colonial issues and suppression of protests.

Understanding and mitigating the impact explosions outside conventional warfare: a UN First Committee side-event by AOAV

This side-event presented comprehensive data on global explosions, dissect the harm caused by IEDs, evaluate UN’s counter-IED efforts, and highlight recent research into civilian blast injuries in urban settings.

The Unjust Consequences of Truth: The Case of Samantha Crompvoet

A Sydney Herald commentary highlights the plight of Samantha Crompvoets, an organisational culture expert who exposed gross misconduct in Australia’s Special Air Service regiment in Afghanistan and subsequently faced severe personal and professional consequences, signalling a distressing trend of punishing whistleblowers instead of implementing necessary reforms in institutional structures.

War and the refugee: a call for empathy in an age of intolerance

In his 2023 lecture at the Festival of Writing and Ideas, Dr. Iain Overton reflects on the persistent suffering of war victims throughout history, underscoring the critical need for empathy towards those fleeing from conflict zones, challenging discriminatory media rhetoric, and urging us to recognise our shared humanity in order to foster a compassionate, welcoming society.

Action on Armed Violence request for Core Participant Status in the Independent Inquiry Relating to Afghanistan rejected

Despite the rejection of Action on Armed Violence’s application for Core Participant status in the independent inquiry into alleged unlawful activities by British armed forces in Afghanistan, AOAV remains committed to contributing to the pursuit of truth and justice.