Potential political bias in the UK’s defence industry examined

The UK’s defence spending under the Conservative government shows significant regional and political bias, often towards their own constituencies, with Labour pledging to address these disparities.

UK military’s £17 billion shortfall: a symptom of deep financial mismanagement amidst wider cuts in public services?

The UK military faces a significant £17 billion equipment funding shortfall over the next decade, reflecting deep concerns about financial mismanagement and its impact on public spending, especially against the backdrop of cuts in other vital services.

London’s 2022 murders examined: key figures in the UK capital’s homicides

In 2022, Greater London witnessed a decline in homicides, with 109 cases, the lowest since 2014. Despite this overall decrease, this report unveils concerning trends: Black individuals were disproportionately represented as both victims and offenders of homicide, accounting for 44.04% of victims and 48.35% of accused.