Profits, but at what price? UK’s job protection claims in Saudi BAE arms deal face scrutiny amid Yemen conflict concerns

The UK government’s push to secure the £5 billion Saudi arms deal citing job preservation at BAE Systems draws criticism with concerns over the civilian harm from such weapons in Yemen conflict.

European arms industry profits amid Ukraine invasion

The European Network Against Arms Trade (ENAAT) report shows that the top 15 European arms manufacturers experienced significant revenue and profit growth in 2022, a year marked by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, but it remains unclear how directly the conflict has contributed to this growth, raising ethical questions about profiteering from warfare.

Analysis of “Towards an Armed Drone Code of Ethics: Eight Model Principles of Responsible Use” Report

The report highlights the urgent need for an Armed Drone Code of Ethics to address the ethical concerns surrounding the proliferation of armed drones, ensuring responsible use, transparency, and accountability in military operations and law enforcement.