Moscow terror attack: who are IS-KP?

On Friday, March 22nd, the deadliest terror attack on Russian soil in decades unfolded at Moscow’s Crocus City Hall. US officials believe Islamic State – Khorasan Province carried out the attack.

Ukraine: 12 civilians killed and 20 injured in Russian drone strike on apartment building, Odesa

On March 2nd, 12 civilians were killed (including 5 children) and 20 injured by a Russian drone strike in Odesa

Myanmar: 12 killed and at least 30 injured by artillery shelling in Sittwe’s Myoma market,  Rakhine

On Thursday 29 March, 12 civilians were killed and at least 30 injured by artilllery shelling in Sittwe’s Myoma market, Rakhine.

Ethiopia: 30 killed, 18 injured in Ethiopian air strike on passenger truck near Sasit, Amhara

On Monday 19 Feb, at least 30 civilians were killed and 18 injured when an Ethiopian drone struck a truck while it was dropping off passengers near Sasit, Amhara.

Pakistan: 30 people killed in twin bombings on election offices in Balochistan, 7 Feb 2024

In a continuation of the surge in violence Pakistan has experienced in the build-up to elections on February 8th, two IED attacks on political offices killed up to 30 people, and injured at least 40 more on February 7th.

Myanmar: three years of a devastating, under-reported war

The conflict in Myanmar resulted in 2,164 reported civilian casualties from explosive weapons in 2023, including 745 fatalities. This represents a 121% and 155% increase in casualties and deaths, respectively, over 2022.

DRC: At least 19 civilians killed in clashes between the army and M23 rebels in Mweso, North Kivu

On Thursday 25th Jan, at least 19 civilians were killed and up to 27 injured in Mweso, North Kivu.