Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Conclusions and recommendations

Conclusion More civilian casualties, from more incidents of explosive violence, were recorded in 2014 than in any of the three previous years that AOAV has been monitoring explosive weapon use. 2014 is the third consecutive year in which there has been a reported rise in civilian casualties from explosive weapons, up 5% from 2013 and […]

Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: IEDs

Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) IEDs were responsible for 17,098 civilian casualties (52% of the total recorded in 2014). 85% of those killed and injured by IEDs were civilians. There was a 26% decrease in the number of civilian casualties caused by IEDs compared to 2013 (17,098 down from 22,829). Three of the five deadliest IED […]

Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Ground-launched weapons

Ground-launched explosive weapons Ground-launched explosive weapons were responsible for 8,088 civilian casualties in 2014 (25% of the total recorded). 90% of casualties were civilians. This is higher than the proportion recorded from IED attacks (85%), and aerial attacks (61%). Mortars caused 3,000 civilian casualties in 15 countries. This is a 53% increase from 2013. Six […]

Explosive States- Monitoring explosive violence in 2014: Air-launched weapons

Air-launched explosive weapons Air-launched explosive weapons killed and injured 5,868 civilians in 2014 (18% of all recorded).  Civilian casualties from aerial explosive weapons in 2014 almost tripled from 2013 levels. 17 countries and territories saw casualties in 2014. Almost half (43%, 2,504 people) of civilian casualties from air-launched explosive weapons were in Syria, and 35% […]

Explosive States: Explosive Violence in Populated Areas in 2014

Explosive weapons in populated areas In 2014, 92% of casualties in populated areas were reported as civilians. This is compared to 34% in other areas.  On average 16 people were killed or injured in every incident of explosive weapon use in populated areas. In other areas in 2014 the average number was four. 4,245 civilians […]