US has sent Israel 14,000 two-thousand-pound bombs since October

ince the onset of the Gaza conflict on October 7, the United States has supplied Israel with over 14,000 2,000-pound bombs and thousands of other munitions, showcasing significant military support despite international calls for restraint.

British arms export licenses to Israel down amid Gaza conflict

British approval of arms export licenses to Israel has dropped sharply since the start of the Gaza conflict, with the value of permits falling by over 95%, reaching a 13-year low.

UK issues over 100 arms export licences to Israel since Gaza war

The UK has issued over 100 arms export licences to Israel between October and May, raising concerns about the impact of these exports on the ongoing conflict in Gaza.

Dozens reported killed in Israeli strike on Rafah

An Israeli airstrike on a camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah resulted in at least 45 fatalities, including women and children, highlighting the devastating human cost of the ongoing conflict.

Gaza’s invisible massacre: aid workers killed in record numbers

A stark disparity exists in media coverage and international response to the deaths of international versus national humanitarian workers in conflict zones, despite national aid workers facing far greater risks.

US soldiers killed in drone attack; Iran denies involvement

Recent drone attack on a US military base in Jordan claims the lives of three US soldiers, marking the first such incident in the Middle East since the Gaza conflict began, while two US Navy Seals are presumed dead after a mission aimed at disrupting Iranian-made weapons supply to Yemen’s Houthi rebels.

Understanding the human cost: BBC Verify offers up insights into civilian harm in Gaza

his article examines the severe human toll of the Gaza conflict as reported by BBC Verify, highlighting the staggering civilian casualties, particularly among women and children, and the complexities of casualty reporting in war zones.

AOAV signs joint letter by civil society organisations to Control Arms Export Committee regarding UK arms to Israel

A coalition of leading civil society organisations have penned a letter to both the Control Arms Export Committee (CAEC) and the Financial Times. The letter addresses the escalating violence in southern Gaza and the UK’s role in supplying arms to Israel.

X (Twitter) analyst Eli Kowaz’s grossly incorrect interpretation of AOAV data trends, claiming IDF has low Gaza casualty rate. Kowaz later deletes post but others continue to spread the misinformation

AOAV addresses misinformation on social media about their report on civilian casualties in Gaza, clarifying their methodology and findings compared to other conflicts.