Visually impaired activist Shireen chronicles Gaza’s struggles amidst conflict

Shireen, a blind student and disability advocate from the Gaza Strip, narrates the profound hardships and repeated displacements faced by Palestinians, especially those with disabilities, under the shadow of ongoing Israeli airstrikes

Displaced blind Palestinian woman shares her tale amidst bombardment of Gaza

Hanadi, a blind Palestinian woman, recounts her traumatic experience of displacement due to ongoing Israeli airstrikes, as tensions rise between Hamas and Israel.

The use of heavy explosive weapons in Israel and Palestine must stop

INEW urges stopping the use of heavy explosives in populated regions due to rising civilian casualties and infrastructure damage in areas like Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories.

Escalating violence in Gaza takes toll on innocent lives: AOAV calls for dialogue

Amidst Israeli airstrikes and Palestinian militant attacks in the Gaza Strip, escalating violence claims lives, heightening civilian casualties, and underscoring the urgent need for a lasting solution.