Rwandan involvement in Congo’s conflict raises questions about UK’s asylum partnership

Rwanda’s military involvement in Congo’s North Kivu province, supporting M23 rebels despite denials, raises serious questions about the integrity of the UK’s Rwanda asylum processing partnership amid ongoing human rights and conflict concerns.

Cyprus in the crosshairs: island nation’s strategic military use by British military sparks controversy amid Isreal’s bombing of Gaza

The bombing of Gaza by the IDF and of Yemen by the RAF has spotlighted the contentious role of British military bases in Cyprus, with activists condemning the strategic military utilisation of the island.

Surge in arms imports to Europe and US – arms trade race raises concerns over global stability and human rights implications

The SIPRI report highlights a surge in arms imports to Europe and the increasing dominance of the US in the global arms trade, driven by geopolitical tensions, but raises concerns about the impact of arms transfers on regional stability and the need to address underlying issues for lasting peace and stability.