MOD pays over £12.5 million in Northern Ireland legacy claims in last five years

The Ministry of Defence has paid over £12.5 million to 82 claimants for Northern Ireland legacy claims over the past five years, reflecting its ongoing efforts to address historical grievances.

New Troubles Bill: Seeking transparency or protecting the British State?

The proposed Northern Ireland Troubles (Legacy and Reconciliation) Bill, which aims to protect the UK government from legal consequences for its actions during The Troubles, is currently under scrutiny in Parliament, with critics arguing that it shields the state from accountability, undermines human rights norms, threatens the Good Friday Agreement, and dismisses the quest for justice by families affected by the conflict.

Unresolved cases of the “disappeared” continue to haunt Northern Ireland: the quest for closure and reconciliation

In this review of Rory Carroll’s Guardian article, we explore the ongoing impact of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, particularly the unresolved cases of the “disappeared.”

UK: leading rights organisations warn Prime Minister against ‘dire consequences’ of scrapping the human rights act

AOAV and over 50 other human rights organisations have signed a letter in an urgent appeal to the Prime Minister.