US top court leans toward keeping Maryland’s ban on assault weapons, potentially setting precedent for gun control

The 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals seemed inclined to support Maryland’s ban on assault weapons, questioning the applicability of the Second Amendment to modern firearms in light of historical regulation practices.

Book review of ‘Vote Gun’: a critical examination of the roots of America’s gun rights debate

Patrick J. Charles’ ‘Vote Gun: How Gun Rights Became Politicized in the United States’ is a comprehensive historical analysis that challenges conventional narratives by tracing the political evolution of gun rights in America back to the early 20th century, with a detailed focus on the role of legislation and the NRA.

The UK’s response to mass shootings offers insight into gun control debate in US

Iain Overton looks at the evidence that gun control measures lead to a decline in gun-related deaths

Historical gun laws take centre stage as Supreme Court decision fuels legal debates on firearm restrictions

Supreme Court’s Bruen decision sparks demand for gun historians, as legal battles hinge on historical gun laws.