Gaza War: UN revises death toll for women and children

The United Nations has revised down the percentage of women and children among the reported fatalities in Gaza, leading to controversy over the accuracy and sources of the casualty figures.

Have the IDF become addicted to explosions? Investigation reveals extent of demolitions carried out across Gaza

Using social media posts from IDF soldiers, Bellingcat tracked the activities of the 8219 Commando, a combat engineering battalion, revealing their extensive involvement in demolitions across Gaza.

More than half of Gaza’s buildings damaged or destroyed, BBC analysis reports

Over half of Gaza’s buildings have been damaged or destroyed following Israeli retaliation for Hamas attacks, leading to widespread displacement and destruction of residential areas, farmlands, and historic sites.

Explosive Violence: Projections for 2024

In the midst of unprecedented civilian harm from explosive weapons, AOAV sets out its predictions for 2024, for the Forum on Arms Trade.

Understanding the human cost: BBC Verify offers up insights into civilian harm in Gaza

his article examines the severe human toll of the Gaza conflict as reported by BBC Verify, highlighting the staggering civilian casualties, particularly among women and children, and the complexities of casualty reporting in war zones.

Suffer the children: the child casualties of Operation Swords of Iron

AOAV finds that Operation Swords of Iron has caused the highest number of child casualties from air strikes out of all four operations, though the rate of harm to children per air strike is lower than Operation Wall Guardian

Investigation reveals possible insider trading linked to Hamas’ October 7th attack

A study suggests insider trading may have occurred in the Israeli stock market, with suspicious trading patterns linked to Hamas’ attack on October 7th, 2023.

Stock prices of major defence companies surge in wake of October 7th attacks in Israel

The October 7th attacks in Israel led to a substantial increase in stock prices of major defence contractors like Lockheed Martin and Northrop Grumman, highlighting the complex relationship between global conflict and the arms industry.

The names of 729 of the hundreds of civilians killed by Hamas – the names released so far

Hundreds of Hamas gunmen attacked Israeli communities near Gaza, resulting in hundreds dead. This is a list of the civilian names known so far (Nov 2 2023)

Horror in darkness: the plight of the visually impaired in Gaza’s schools

Shireen, a visually impaired Gazan activist, recounts her neighbour’s harrowing experience of displacement and survival in an UNRWA school amid the dire conditions following intense conflict in the region.

Alleged violations of International Humanitarian Law in the Israel-Palestine conflict: a simple explainer

The UN is gathering evidence of potential war crimes by both Israeli forces and Palestinian combatants, as actions violating international humanitarian law have been reported since October 7th.

Is the Hamas-run Ministry of Health data on fatalities in Gaza to be trusted?

Two conflict experts compare numbers over the last three Gaza wars and conclude: the current numbers are credible and show increasingly more civilians getting killed