UK arms exports to Afghanistan

Afghanistan: Country overview The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan, located in South Asia, borders Pakistan, Iran, Uzbekistan and China; and has a population of around 34 million. Afghanistan is a presidential republic, with a recent constitution created in 2004. In 2014, Ashraf Ghani was directly elected as president in the country’s first democratic elections. From 1996, […]

UK arms exports to China

China: Country overview The People’s Republic of China is the world’s most populated country with a population of 1.4 billion. Located in Central Asia, China shares its borders with no less than 14 neighbouring countries. Although still governed by the centralized Communist Party of China (CPC) since the revolution in 1949, the country has undergone […]

UK arms exports to Colombia

Colombia: Country overview Colombia is located in northern South America and has a total population of around 50 million; Bogota serves as the capital. Colombia is a presidential democratic republic, and the president is both the head of state and government. Iván Duque was elected the country’s president in August 2018. Colombia has a history […]

UK arms exports to the DRC

Democratic Republic of Congo: Country overview With an estimated population of 81 million, the DRC is the second largest country in Africa. Despite its vast amounts of natural resources, the majority of the population lives in extreme poverty, faced with constant political instability.  In essence, armed clashes and human rights violations have characterised the DRC for […]

UK arms exports to Egypt

Egypt: Country overview The Arab Republic of Egypt is located in Northern Africa, bordering Libya, Sudan and Israel. Egypt has a fast-growing population with an estimated population approaching 100 million. Egypt has a semi-presidential system of government, but after former President Hosni Mubarak was ousted in 2011, the parliament was dissolved, and the constitution suspended. Egypt […]

UK arms exports to Eritrea

Eritrea: Country overview The State of Eritrea is located on the Horn of Africa, bordering Sudan, Ethiopia and Djibouti, with Asmara as its capital. Eritrea has a population of around 6 million and is estimated to be one of Africa’s poorest countries. Since Eritrea gained independence in 1993, President Isaias Afweki has governed the country with […]

UK arms exports to Iran

Iran: Country overview The Islamic Republic of Iran has a population of 80 million and is located on the Eastern shores of the Persian Gulf, bordering Iraq, Turkey, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Since the overthrown of the monarchy in 1979, Iran has been a Shia-ruled Islamic Republic. President Hassan Rouhani, winning the presidential election in […]

UK arms exports to Iraq

Iraq: Country overview The Republic of Iraq, with its capital of Baghdad, borders Turkey, Iran, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria. The estimated populated is around 37 million with majority adhering to Sunni, as well as Shia Islam. The current constitution defines Iraq as a democratic, federal parliamentary republic. Fuad Masum has been the country’s […]

UK arms exports to Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Country overview The State of Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories are located in the Middle East, sharing borders with Syria, Jordan, Lebanon and Egypt. Israel claims Jerusalem as its capital, while Tel Aviv functions as its economic and technological centre. Benjamin Netanyahu, from the right-wing Likud party, has been […]

UK arms exports to the Maldives

The Maldives: Country overview The Republic of Maldives is a multiparty constitutional democracy with a population of approximately 395,000. It is a South Asian state, located in the Indian Ocean, boasting Malé as its capital. The state religion is Islam, and adherence to it is legally required by its citizens according to the Constitution. In October […]

UK arms exports to North Korea

North Korea: Country overview The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea is located in East Asia. It borders China, Russia and South Korea; this country has an estimated 25 million population. North Korea is one of the few countries still under a nominally communist rule; an authoritarian state led by the Kim family for more than […]

UK arms exports to Russia

Russia: Country overview The Russian Federation is the world’s largest country in terms of size, spanning northern Asia and much of eastern Europe, with an estimated population of 142 million. A federal semi-presidential republic, Russia has been effectively ruled for the past two decades by one man: Vladimir Putin. Putin became the country’s president in 2000 and, […]