Ukraine: uncovering the devastation of Mariupol

The report “‘Our City Was Gone’: Russia’s Devastation of Mariupol, Ukraine” by Human Rights Watch, Truth Hounds, and SITU Research documents the extensive civilian and infrastructural damage caused by the Russian military assault on Mariupol in 2022, calling for accountability for apparent war crimes.

Gaza healthcare crisis: urgent action required to address alleged unlawful Israeli attacks

Human Rights Watch’s findings reveal repeated and potentially unlawful Israeli attacks on Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure, leading to a dire healthcare crisis, warranting immediate international attention and action.

Cluster munition attack against Ukraine raises suspicions of Russian War Crime

A deadly cluster munition attack by Russia on the Ukrainian town of Lyman, which resulted in significant civilian casualties and long-term dangers from unexploded ordnances, has been condemned as a potential war crime by Human Rights Watch and raised urgent calls for a halt to the use of such indiscriminate weaponry.

AOAV echoes alarm over Russian cluster munitions in Ukraine in Human Rights Watch findings

Action on Armed Violence reports on the alarming use of deadly cluster munitions in Ukraine by both Russian and Ukrainian forces, backed by the recent findings from Human Rights Watch (HRW), and urges an immediate halt to the use and procurement of these indiscriminate weapons.

Civilians still being harmed by cluster munitions, 15 years after Convention ratified by 123 states

May 30 marked 15 years since the Convention on Cluster Munitions was adopted in Dublin. In the face of continuing harm from these weapons across the globe, Human Rights Watch called for greater international efforts to ensure its goals are achieved.

 Myanmar: Potentially War Crime-Inducing Advanced Blast Attack Results in Over 160 Fatalities

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) echoes the urgent call of Human Rights Watch, condemning the Myanmar military’s use of “thermobaric” munitions in an attack on a civilian-populated area, an act that is potentially a war crime and resulted in the tragic loss of over 160 lives.

Human Rights Watch finds Russian strikes killed scores of civilians in Chernihiv, Ukraine

A Human Rights Watch investigation found that four air and ground-launched attacks on the Ukrainian city of Chernihiv, in March 2022, were in clear violation of the laws of war.