Dozens reported killed in Israeli strike on Rafah

An Israeli airstrike on a camp for displaced Palestinians in Rafah resulted in at least 45 fatalities, including women and children, highlighting the devastating human cost of the ongoing conflict.

Gaza Ministry of Health releases detailed new casualty data amidst confusion of UN’s death numbers in Gaza

The Gaza Ministry of Health recently released a detailed yet flawed list of war fatalities, revealing that 54.4% of the recorded deaths are women or children, while UNOCHA’s handling of Gaza death numbers, highlighted by contradictory infographics, has exacerbated the confusion surrounding the actual death toll.

Collecting and Sharing Data on Explosive Weapons Use

A Prerequisite for understanding impact, informing change and implementing the Political Declaration

UN Secretary-General urges immediate adoption of political declaration amid concerns over explosive weapons in populated areas

The UN Secretary-General’s annual report on civilian protection in conflict zones highlights the grave impact of explosive weapons on civilians, especially in populated areas, praises the adoption of a political declaration aimed at strengthening civilian protection, and urges states to swiftly endorse and implement it to prevent further harm.