Explosive Violence in February 2024

In February 2024, Action on Armed Violence recorded 4,600 deaths and injuries from 703 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 82% (3,762) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

122% rise in global civilian fatalities from explosive weapons in 2023: a year of harm reviewed

The latest global explosive violence monitor report from AOAV reveals a disturbing surge in civilian fatalities and incidents of explosive weapon use globally in 2023, with a 122% rise in global civilian fatalities compared to the previous year.

Une Décennie de Grandes Pertes Civiles Due à des Engins Explosifs Improvisés (EEI)

AOAV a mené une étude complète examinant les 100 événements les plus meurtriers pour les civils causés par des EEI dans le monde entier entre 2013 et 2022.

Understanding and mitigating the impact explosions outside conventional warfare: a UN First Committee side-event by AOAV

This side-event presented comprehensive data on global explosions, dissect the harm caused by IEDs, evaluate UN’s counter-IED efforts, and highlight recent research into civilian blast injuries in urban settings.

Report on Improvised Explosive Device (IED) Incidents for January – June 2023

The period from January to June 2023 witnessed a total of 640 incidents involving Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), which accounted for 21% of all explosive weapon use during this time frame.

Pakistan: 28 civilians killed and injured in five attacks over Easter weekend

Between Friday April 7th, and Monday April 10th, AOAV recorded seven incidents of explosive weapon use across Pakistan, five of which killed and injured 28 civilians.

Afghanistan: eight children killed in ERW blasts over past week

UNICEF has announced that at least eight children lost their lives due to unexploded ordnance throughout Afghanistan last week.

Iraq: the ongoing legacy of an illegal war

As we approach the 20th anniversary of the Iraq War, AOAV looks back at the war’s continuing legacy on civilian harm from explosive weapon use in the country. 

UNGA adopts draft resolution ‘Countering the Threat Posed by Improvised Explosive Devices’

On 11 October, the UNGA voted in a draft resolution on Countering the Threat Posed by Improvised Explosive Devices. Building on resolutions and decisions going back to 2015, the resolution is a response to the “devastation caused by the increasing use of IEDs,” notably by non-state actors. 

How to Address the Harms from IEDs

In this paper, we explore these four recommendations, show evidence that they are at the core of addressing the IED threat and offer ways forward for the EOD community.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on extremist groups’ use of Improvised Explosive Devices

Based on IED data collected over the last decade, AOAV finds that, globally, incidents of IED attacks decreased by 12% from 2019 to 2020.

At Least 50 Killed in Attack on Catholic Church, Ondo, Nigeria

On Sunday 5 June, gunmen with explosive devices attacked St Francis Catholic Church, in Owo, during morning mass. No figures have been officially confirmed, but doctors on the ground claim at least 50 people, including women and children, have been killed, and some 48 injured.