Kaduna: 85 civilians killed, 66 injured in mistaken Nigerian air strike during religious celebrations in Tudun Biri village, 3 Dec.

At least 85 civilians were killed and 66 injured in a Nigerian air strike on Tudun Biri village.

Ukraine: AOAV explosive violence data on harm to civilians

In the Ukrainian conflict, AOAV has recorded up to the 6 Dec, 21, 349 casualties from explosive weapon use across 4, 432 incidents; this includes some 18, 003 civilian casualties.

Occupied Palestinian Territories: AOAV explosive violence data on harm to civilians

As of 6 December 2023, AOAV has recorded 9, 310 civilian casualties (6, 593 killed, 2, 717 injured) of explosive weapons use in the OPT in the course of Operation Swords of Iron.

Lanao del Sur: 4 civilians killed, 50 injured in IS IED attack during Mass at Mindanao State University, Marawi, 3 Dec

Four people were killed and 50 injured in an Islamic State attack on a student Mass in Marawi, Lanao del Sur

Explosive Violence in October 2023

In October 2023, Action on Armed Violence recorded 8,047 deaths and injuries from 993 incidents of explosive violence around the world, as reported in English-language media. Civilians accounted for 84% (6,748) of the deaths and injuries recorded.

A Decade of Mass Civilian Casualty Events from Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs)

AOAV’s report documents the profound impact of the 100 deadliest IED attacks over the past decade, indicating a pressing need for global policy change to address the ongoing threat.

Une Décennie de Grandes Pertes Civiles Due à des Engins Explosifs Improvisés (EEI)

AOAV a mené une étude complète examinant les 100 événements les plus meurtriers pour les civils causés par des EEI dans le monde entier entre 2013 et 2022.

Media coverage of individual Gaza strikes only capturing one third of all deaths, AOAV finds 

An analysis of English language reporting of the explosive violence in Gaza and Israel by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has revealed that media coverage may only capture a third of the actual civilian deaths from specific explosive incidents in Gaza.

India: 3 civilians killed, over 50 injured in IED explosion at a Jehovah’s Witnesses meeting in Kerala, 29 Oct

On 29 October, 3 civilians were killed and 50 injured in a remote detonated IED explosion at a Jehovah’s Witnesses meeting in Kalamassery, Kerala

INEW: Open letter to states that have endorsed the Political Declaration on Strengthening the Protection of Civilians Arising from the Use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas

The International Network on Explosive Weapons (INEW) addressed an open letter to the 83 states that endorsed the Political Declaration, signed in November 2022, to strengthen the protection of civilians from the humanitarian consequences of the use of explosive weapons in populated areas.

Sudan: 11 civilians killed, 90 injured by artillery shelling in Omdurman, Khartoum

On October 5th, 2023, heavy artillery killed at least 11 civilians and injured 90 in Omdurman’s Karari neighbourhood.

Myanmar: 29 civilians killed in likely air strike on IDP camp, Kachin

On October 10th, 29 civilians were killed and 57 injured when an IDP camp in Kachin state was bombed.