The British army trains cadets from at least eight countries that have had recent military coups

Since 2012, cadets from Mali, Niger, Egypt, Thailand, Burundi, Sudan, Chad and Gabon attended the Royal Military Academy, Sandhurst. All countries have witnessed military coups since 2012.

Briefing note: AOAV calls for UK policy reform on reparations for civilian harm in military operations

AOAV critically examines the UK’s lack of a comprehensive policy on reparations for civilian harm caused by its military operations and proposes significant reforms to align with international humanitarian law and ensure justice for affected civilians.

One year on: the shifting landscape of civilian protection and the Dublin Declaration

How protecting civilians from explosive weapon use in populated areas is never more urgent than now.

Gaza healthcare crisis: urgent action required to address alleged unlawful Israeli attacks

Human Rights Watch’s findings reveal repeated and potentially unlawful Israeli attacks on Gaza’s healthcare infrastructure, leading to a dire healthcare crisis, warranting immediate international attention and action.

Numbers of civilian deaths per airstrike in 2023 Gaza at least four times higher than previous Israeli bombings, AOAV finds

The “Operation Swords of Iron” in Gaza, October 2023, has seen a significant surge in civilian deaths from airstrikes, with fatalities per strike exceeding past operations and raising questions about adherence to international humanitarian law.

Alleged violations of International Humanitarian Law in the Israel-Palestine conflict: a simple explainer

The UN is gathering evidence of potential war crimes by both Israeli forces and Palestinian combatants, as actions violating international humanitarian law have been reported since October 7th.

Media coverage of individual Gaza strikes only capturing one third of all deaths, AOAV finds 

An analysis of English language reporting of the explosive violence in Gaza and Israel by Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) has revealed that media coverage may only capture a third of the actual civilian deaths from specific explosive incidents in Gaza.

High Court Dismisses CAAT’s Challenge to UK-Saudi Arms Trade; Yemeni Civilian Lives Continue to Hang in Balance

The UK High Court ruled against the Campaign Against Arms Trade’s (CAAT) judicial review, allowing the UK Government to continue licensing arms sales to Saudi Arabia, despite widespread concerns of humanitarian law violations in Yemen.

AOAV’s analysis raises concerns over RAF’s civilian casualties: urgent need for transparency and accountability, Minister Heappey responds

AOAV’s analysis exposes a significant gap between documented civilian casualties and official reports, prompting calls for transparency and accountability in RAF airstrikes, as UK Minister James Heappey emphasizes the importance of collaboration with civil society and learning from US practices to address concerns and ensure accurate reporting of civilian harm.

 Myanmar: Potentially War Crime-Inducing Advanced Blast Attack Results in Over 160 Fatalities

Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) echoes the urgent call of Human Rights Watch, condemning the Myanmar military’s use of “thermobaric” munitions in an attack on a civilian-populated area, an act that is potentially a war crime and resulted in the tragic loss of over 160 lives.

Expanding UK military partnerships: accountability and civilian harm comes under the spotlight

The Ceasefire Centre for Civilian Rights report highlights that the UK’s growing military partnerships risk increased civilian harm and decreased accountability, urging the need for stronger civilian harm mitigation policies.

Urgent investigation needed as fighting takes heavy toll on civilians in Las Anod, Somaliland

Amnesty International reports indiscriminate attacks causing civilian casualties and displacement in Las Anod, Somaliland, and calls for an independent investigation, accountability, and access to humanitarian aid amid a crisis compounded by drought.