Why does no one talk about Syria’s other casualties?

Over the last few days headlines from Syria have largely reported the diplomatic manoeuvring of the US and Russia as they try to negotiate an amnesty for Syria’s stockpiled chemical weapons.  And in so doing, we hope, to avoid US military action. But there is another story that remains largely untold.  One pushed to the […]

First, do no harm: AOAV encourages congress to tread carefully on Syria

This week, the United States Congress is still expected to vote on whether or not to grant President Barack Obama the authority to launch air strikes on Syrian territory in retaliation for the Ghouta chemical attack on August 21. The prospect of US military strikes has begun to recede as Russia attempts to negotiate the […]

What’s the target? AOAV warns of dangers and risks inherent in bombing Syria

By all indications, the UK, the US and France are preparing for an attack on Bashar al-Assad’s forces in Syria in response to the August 21 chemical attack on the outskirts of Damascus, with or without UN Security Council authorisation. Based on the available timeline and the military forces available, it appears that such an […]

Say no to possible US use of cluster munitions in Syria intervention

The Cluster Munition Coalition (CMC), of which AOAV is a member, urges all 112 countries that have joined the Convention on Cluster Munitions to help ensure that the weapons are not used by the United States in any military action in Syria. “Cluster munitions used by the Syrian regime have already caused numerous civilian casualties […]

Syria: Where states stand – last updated: 9 September, 12pm

The United States The US has indicated its strong belief that the Syrian government of Bashar al-Assad was responsible for the chemical weapon attack in Ghouta last week. Secretary of State John Kerry called the attack a “moral obscenity” and added, “There is a reason why President Obama has made clear to the Assad regime […]

Action on Armed Violence condemns UK plans to bomb Syria

As the UK and US governments push forward plans to launch missile strikes in Syria, Action on Armed Violence calls on the British government to refrain from using explosive weapons in or near populated areas. In the wake of recent chemical weapons attacks in Damascus that are reported to have killed hundreds of civilians, world […]

Red line crossed? The world reacts to chemical attacks in Syria

The world has collectively condemned the alleged chemical weapons attacks in Syria on Wednesday, which reportedly resulted in over 1,000 deaths. The Syrian government has denied the use of chemical weapons, calling the allegations “illogical and fabricated,” and claim that they are “propaganda.” By contrast, Syrian opposition groups claim that the attacks were launched by […]

Sending weapons into Syria: Why Britain can’t follow the US example

Today it was announced that the US is to arm the Syrian opposition, after the White House confirmed that chemical weapons had been used by Assad’s forces earlier this year.  This action crossed President Obama’s ‘red line’, and has caused the US to play its hand. In a statement the US said it would send direct military assistance […]

Reclaiming protection of civilians under International Humanitarian Law: Intervention by AOAV’s CEO Steve Smith

AOAV’s CEO Steve Smith stresses the importance of casualty recording in Oslo on 23 May 2013.

Extremism and political instability in North and West Africa

Discussing their investigation of extremism and political instability in North and West Africa, the Foreign Affairs Select Committee gathered for their first evidence session on Tuesday.